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when baking a Normal_map from mesh at "4k" it really bakes a world space normal.
when going back to 2 k there is no problem.
I did just test it on my macbook pro with an extra Nvidea 320M with 256 mb card and 8 gb of ram
with SD 5.3.1

Just wondering if this is only with me

hope that helps

So i bought a new Mac Pro last week
But i have some problems with SD

1. lagging like ......
2. interface sticks to my mouse as soon as i click in the neighborhood of a window
3. putting the 3D and 2D view on my second screen makes it turn black.

I saw some people having the same problem on the form, but the rolled back to 4.4.
thats a little bit to far back  :-\
SP is running fine BTW
I also have macbook and macbook pro
and no problem there either

Mac specs:
Fully loaded
2x D700 fire gl
os x 10.10
64 gb of ram

 Any tips please


Right, i don't know its me or something wrong in SD 5.01
But I'm talking about Memory problems.

When i worked in SD4 i had 2 browsers open with at least 15 to 20 Windows, Marmoset, Photoshop and hell maybe even running a Vlc in the back ground.
But never real problems not even with the 4k maps.

But now in 5.01  i can't run anything alongside SD it just gets utterly slow and starts using 95 of my memory right away.
So i thought, ok lets trim the original textures scale back to 2048. but no luck.
Then i just closed it to give it a fresh restart. but the program never closes in the windows task manager, so again its not on my screen anymore but still in the Task manager using 95% of my memory.
Cpu only uses 20 %

So yeah , do you guys have a idea to fix this maybe

Macpro 8x  in windows mode 7
16 gb of ram
3 gb videocard ATM


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Crashes and material
 on: January 03, 2015, 02:32:15 am 
(Ok i had a blue screen crash just now. so i lost the screen shot of the error i hope you still understand)

So I'm Happily playing with painter. nothing special.
and then suddenly this.
The brown planes supposed to be a scar in the view port
the log shows that I'm missing images from self made materials (which are there)
The material slots on the right side tell me again there is something missing.
as do the icons of the materials.
I do not know if it has something to do with this problem. that is addressed before,3460.msg16125.html#msg16125

but now it suddenly ads these viewport screen crashes.

Before i just restarted and the material where working just with out an icon
Now i have to fix every self made material every time i start-up painter. ( even that didn't bother me that great)
But with the crashes hmmm

So i guess i do something wrong

the way I creating materials is:
1-Import 4 textures
2-Create a empty layer
3-Put them in their slots
4-Save the material
5- the icons are just the same as the others not like in the picture at this stage

Some xtra info:
Multiple - texture groups
Both on mac os x and Win 7
16 gb of ram
Ati r9 290

Hope that helps

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Soap-Box Kart
 on: October 29, 2014, 11:59:20 am 
I've been posting this all over the web but here, shame on me :-[ :)
Its still a W.I.P  because i need to get busy with some particle brushes first

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Promotional logo's / brands
 on: October 25, 2014, 04:12:12 pm 
Hey there, Where can i find the logo's from your applications. in Different colors and sizes like portrait or landscape.
I mean i want everybody to know that i use you nice apps


Hey there i have a request.
Could it be possible to add lights in the view-port. maybe like marmoset 2

I mean renders look pretty good in SP, but the lack of being unable to add lights or sharpen the viewport is a big loss compared to Ue4 or 3Do


Hey there,

I probably do something wrong, but i was wondering if anybody else have such unsharp pixelated effects in SD & SP. Some effect do not even show up on the model.
It looks like one pixel is more then 1 centimeter in real life.

So at first i did download the hot-rod and exported the Cymourai models for size comparison. They are both pretty different where the hot-rod is much bigger then the Cymourai.
Sizing my model down to the hot-rod size did matter for the quality in SD (so i think) but in SP it looked like sizes did not matter.
I also did use the transform2D node in both apps but i can't belief that i need such a node with every effect i use.

Edit: I did Try out the effects with the Cymourai in SP but the results are the same.
So what is it i'm doing wrong,  how do i get better/ sharper/ finer texture quality:


Hey there Allegorithmic team,

Thanks for the nice software you guys are making.
Been playing with both apps the last couple of weeks and love it.
So i wrote down some thoughts.

First off i have to BIG UP Wes, Dude you amaze me, I saw you on the UDK twitch thing. I thought you prerecord your tutorials and just comment to them, but its all live. Mad Props:D
O and its funny to see the faces from all you guys. you guys rock

so lets start,  Again no complains just thoughts

it would be nice to have a central database, one that can be constructed with named folders and stuff

-Could be shared between the 2 app (it could even be your central database for all your apps  PS , Zbrush etc. can you imagine if you take the lead in this with your
-Saves your stuff accordingly (default folders like the folders in SD for instance)
-Can be on any place on your system
-Creates correct icons
-Sbar and sbs files from the 2 apps should be in this database as well ( at the moment i have my own database, the files from sd and sp in the windows application folder)
(SD has a nice library but only works inside the app)
-stay untouched after updating any app

4-Import pbr material textures[/b]
I know you can import your textures and create a material.
But it would be cool to have a importer. one that gives you the slots that you need + checks if they are ok  (example: SP pbr validation script:
Then again B2m could also take this job. and have it build in. Resulting in exporting correct pbr material packages
but still.....

5- More base pbr materials and effects ( specially Compared to DDo,)

- A complete Workflow Tutorial.
This could boost your popular app even more. just show a workflow tutorial with something other then metal scratches ( yes i know its cool to play with oil drops :D) Like creating wood, paper, rock or even stylized textures.

-Better drawing tools in general. But i think its on its way.the tools from SD would be enough already.

Some errors i have during testing

-when i reload images, they are replacing the ones in the Shelf texture tab, but the ones in the image selector are staying. resulting in 5 times the same image in there.
hmm cool its only one.

And as last some questions

- how to remove an image from the shelf   Edit: is the works  should be cool the next update
- what does the toggle animation button do, I did import a fbx with a turntable but did see anything move  Edit: Stupid this is for the particles of course Doh ::)
- Is Size of the model important.
- Most effect show op pixelated ( i know i can scale them with  2d transform node from SD, but it does not really help ) i guess i expect it to be sharper

For real i've been testing Quixel, SD and SP for the last 3 weeks. i am very impressed.
I like SD the best, because of the freedom and tools you have (drawing normal maps would be cool)
After that SP just because its real time, and i can use all the SD goodies to make it even better.

Quixel = is very nice and i've been working with it since V1. but this versi9on is not that good, its slow and a lot of bugs, then again  its in beta
Things i do  like from the suite.     
    -Hand painted normal-map creation
    -creating Ao cavity etc from normal ( yes you can do this 2 in SD) and adjust them afterwards
    -Smart materials, these are just smart
    -DynaMask. is a bit better then the control you have over an effect in SP
    -Better view-port ( yeah i know they are friends with the toolbag guys)

I think right now its like back in the day with Vray and Mental-ray
Mental-ray for the techies and real companies. Vray for the create art with one button posse.

Ok well all other things are already written down in the forum
well i hope this helps you guys a bit.

Stay real


He there,
I am trying out SP at the moment and it all looks very impressive.
Nice work.

I have one question thought. When i am painting on a model and have underlying models in both view-ports. they get painted as well. This is both with stencil and a standard brush.
It kinda resolves it with a mask, but should not be the work flow i think.
So i am doing something wrong.

Thanks again

Edit: the uv's are clean no overlapping there

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