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I am having an issue with my exported maps from substance painter with the VRAY preset.

I created an outside szene, which looks fine:

But after plugging in the maps into a vray material in maya (did it according to what i found in the substance manuals on this site)  it looks like a pile of colorful snot:


Greetings o/

I am having issues with the following:

I have created a landscape for a background shot in a movie. It looks fine in substance painter:
as a material

and even the diffuse channel in substance looks fine:

But when i export under the vray preset, especially my diffuse is lacking all the right colors:

this is how this layer is setup in substance painter:

Hey thanks for the advice. It worked a bit. But it adds still a centimeter or so to all sides of my normal map(though its not stretched there). Can i switch that off somewhere as well?


I resculpted my wall, but even though there was no problem in substance paiter with stretching of the sides,

it suddenly appeared after exporting the maps from substance painter:

My lowpoly and uv look like this:

I didnt fiddle with any of the settings, except everything is in 2k.

1. No. i am using this lowpoly model for the sculpting of bricks on it:
. Do i need to just cut a whole? or is this lowpoly useable?

I think most of the other problems are boiling down to maybe me stacking bricks into each other?

If i Model in 3dsmax , sculpt on it in zbrush, export into substance painter to bake maps and then important into unity 5 --> which units should i use in 3dsmax?
I had many issues where me lowpoly in unity was enormous sized 0_0.


I tried to use this sculpture from Zbrush:

And wanted to create a normal map for it in substance painter.
I got this:

Somehow it didnt capture the sides of the slot at all. What am i doing wrong and how can i do it better?

Somehow it does work now, but something else came up now.

My workflow was the following:

Sculpting bricks in zbrush, lowpoly of wallpiece in 3dsmax. Exporting lowpoly from 3dsmax to zbrush.
Using sculpted brick in zbrush with insertmesh brush to "paint" on the exported lowpoly wall.

WHen done, export sculpted now "Highpoly" wall to substance designer for baking of maps.

Now my problem is, that when i import my lowpoly wall (created in 3dsmax) to unity, the wallpiece is 20+ times its original size.

Anybody knows how to prevent that?

Thank you very much! Ill try posting there :)

Workflow for special wall pieces?


    I would like to know how to approach the following challenge:

    I have created a wall piece , modeling the bricks with zbrush and using the insertmesh brush and substance painter to get my wall piece. Got my maps, lookin ok(dont mind the tiling issue atm, will fix that).

But the level i am building also has other wall types, like these:

How would my workflow be with those?
Load those lowpoly files into zbrush and start placing bricks so that they fit perfectly? Do i turn them 90 degress and model that whole out in for example picture 2 ?

Any ideas would be a great help! thanks !

I fixed the issue with the normal map displaying slightly to the side by redoing it somehow.

Now i have a zbrush sculpt like this:

Still the problem persists of creating a depth and bricks actually sticking out like on this picture:

Should i use decimation master to create a lowpoly version of my bricks, so i can use their full height details? If i do this, how can i keep the scale?
It is important because I am trying to work in a modular workflow, putting 2x2m walls (3 versions), floors(3versions) and ceilings(3versions) attaching it together in unity 5 ( if you think another engine is better suited for modular workflow - to build a dungeon similar to "lands of lore 1 " or "legend of grimrock" please advise me).


I have sculpted a wall in zbrush by using the insertmesh brush to embed my bricks into a wall, which i imported from 3dsmax.

After importing both the lowpoly mesh as obj (as well as another try with fbx) and he highpoly mesh i exported from zbrush, i tried baking it in substance painter, which caused the normal map to appear but apparently not in the position it should be. What am i doing wrong?

Also i would like how to give the whole thing more depth. Like stones sticking out and being slightly twisted etc. My problem is that i immediately started sculpting and i dont really have a lowpoly model corresponding to my sculted wall bricks.

I read that i can use height maps or displacement maps. Where should i create them and which one would be best? i am trying to create walls like one can see in vermintide.


I am planning to do a dungeon crawler for my final study project. Something in the direction of "Legend of Grimrock" while using a modular workflow for my level. Since i am not a programmer but a game artist in training, i would like to hear your opinion about which engine would be of better use to me, UE4 or Unity 5.
I am planning to place objects , which i will sculpt in Zbrush into the scenes and sculpt the walls as well as normal maps.
Also if possible i'd like to use substance painter/designer during my workflow. My basic modeling tool would be 3dsmax 2016.

Mostly i am concerned about lightening and general quality. I am solely trying to create the visual aspect of a game, without actual game mechanics.

Since i am a beginner at both UE4 and unity i'd like to hear your suggestions.


Yes i do. It has a chamfer modifier and then a turbosmooth modifier on top.

The chamfer according to the tutorial is used to create support edges for a properly working turbosmooth modifier.

Chamfer settings:
Quad Chamfer
Amount : 0.009
Segments : 1
Tension : 0
From Smoothing: unsmoothed edges

Greetings! I am a student for game arts & 3d animation. Recently i have been following a tutorial to create an AK47.
Everything went well, but when i tried to bake out texture maps with substance painter, the following deformations happened.

I hope somebody can tell me what i did wrong. I have attached screenshots showing the 3dsmax part, as well as the deformed parts after baking and the baking settings i have used in substance painter.

Thanks for you time!


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