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Hi 2df.brunet

Have you tried changing your engine in Substance Designer to SSE2, and seeing if the results change at all?

Hi rfellers,

My hope is that it will become easier in time too. The reason you have to do it this way for now, is the UE4Game and UE4Editor load plugins differently. So when you use plugins with packaged game builds, often the plugins don't make their way into the game unless you compile the game project yourself.

You would want to download VS2015 Community Edition, and then Compile your project using that. You might have to add a C/C++ file from the UE4 Editor (under File I believe) in order for UE4 to create the .sln file in your project folder. Then you compile as "Development" or "Shipping" game, and once that compilation is complete you go into UE4Editor again and package your game build.

Hi rfellers,

Are you compiling the game project in Visual Studio before you package your game in the editor ?

Hi GuillaumeJ,

I have added this feature and it will be available in the general release :D

Hi ludwig.lindstaal,

Platform Default right now maps to Async and Cache.

Baked means we save the substance texture data to disk, rather than invoke the substance engine when the project runs.

On Load means we load the substance materials when the level loads. Sync means it will freeze UE4 while it does it, ASync will load them in the background.

Cache will store the substance texture data the first time the level loads, so the next time the player loads your game, it will load from disk, which can be faster.

Hi tokri,

Nothing new yet to share, but it's high on the task list!

Hi andypandy47,

How are you getting the 4.8 version of the Substance Plugin? Are you downloading from the Epic Marketplace?

Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: (4.12) Beta driver?
 on: May 11, 2016, 06:14:29 pm 
Hi amcclard,

I actually ported the plugin to 4.12 Preview 3 yesterday. I keep us up to date on preview releases so that it's faster for general release, but we don't publish them because it's not considered stable.

Email me at and I'll send you a .zip of the Preview release source.

The problem actually is VS2013. The latest Substance Plugin has libraries that only work in VS2015. I am working on re-providing 2013 Libs, but it's not ready yet. I would grab the VS2015 Community Edition and try to build UE4 from that in the meantime.

Hi loopon,

The default CPU engine will be limited to 2048x2048 .  The GPU engines will be 4096x4096 .

HI francois.espagnet,

I added importing PNGs to the task list for the UE4 plugin. In the meantime I would continue to use TGA's or bake in the png file in the sbsar itself. I think you could use a parameter exposure in designer to toggle between the various inputs you have.

Hi parh1608,

It's only because of how the textures were set up, we didn't offer the ability to stream them. It's an oversight and we will fix it

Hi sohan,

How strange. For the record I downloaded , in case that helps at all.

Hi sohan,

I downloaded the zip from github and ran Setup && GenerateProjectFiles -2013 on it, without error. Do you get these errors if you download the Vanilla 4.11.0-release rom Epic Games?

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