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The plugin is available here:

This version will work directly with 4.3 , you just extract to your project folder

Hi FncFuentes,

Have you checked the Texture Format in UE4 to ensure the normal map is being compressed as a normal map? We've seen some assets where UE4 incorrectly assumes a normal map texture is a regular color map and then you end up with the artifacts I see in your screenshots.

Hi seanrforeman,

The next release will be much more accessible to users, so stay tuned :)

I'm glad you were able to diagnose the issue Mithril. If it occurs in all terrain materials it is probably a good idea to let Epic know.

Yes, exactly. Also, I'm amazed you even are able to publish a build using the Substance repo. For me Substance only works in the editor. Apparently the Dlls don't get included in the published build :/ for some reason.

Hi Mithril, thanks for your input on the image quality issue! We are also working on the published build issue.

Hello everyone! I have pushed a new version, and it should be no problem converting projects to 4.2. We are still working on standalone support but should compile standalone builds as well.

The plugin is available on github:

This release is compatible with UE4.2.0

OK. 4.1.1 for substance plugin build that is you must only development build.
I mean ... default xcode build is debug build.
If you want to changing development build you should changing xcode build scheme > UE4Edit-Mac > development and re run build. That's it.

Glad you were able to get it working leegoon73!

It doesn' work with 4.2 right?

No but we plan to have a compatible release soon!

Hi bigzer,

We are working with Epic to minimize the delays between releases for Substance Plugin, and we're getting faster at importing our changes between major releases :)

The plugin is available on github:

Changes from
- Fixed a crash that could occur when re-importing substance assets
- Renamed Blueprint Node input labels

Changes from
- Increased default cache budget so 1024x1024 and larger textures update much faster
- Published Mac libraries so you can now use the Substance Plugin on Mac
- Fixed a bug where thumbnails would not show up in the content previewer.

447 was updating the plugin to be UE4.1.1 compatible, no new features were added. was released this morning and I will be making a formal post on this in a few minutes with a changelog.

The plugin is available on github:

This release is compatible with the Unreal Engine 4.1.1 release. We have also changed our versioning model to more closely match Epic and reduce confusion.

Hi 56808141,

I Just wanted to let you know we are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it. It's definitely a bug and shouldn't happen.

Hi bigzer,

Thanks for bringing these to our attention, I've made sure we have visibility on these issues.

On the issue of 4K Output size, this is not used at this time for performance reasons. If 4K is very important for an asset such as skyboxes or macro detail, you can export the maps in Designer and import as regular textures in UE4.

As for the build size, the vast majority of that 12GB is going to be the Unreal Engine itself. The Substance Plugin is only a few megabytes of that total. You could reduce the footprint by selectively removing plugins (as an example if you don't use source control, no need for P4/Subversion plugins), but we want to stay as close to the UE4 release builds so it's easier to users, so we will provide a build that matches what Epic releases.

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