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I don't know if this is correct forum for plugin feature requests, but would it be possible to add channel remapping option to the UE4 Substance plugin itself?

This would help a big deal when using existing substances that don't do any channel packing and we could also keep our own substances cleaner as we wouldn't need to mix / add extra outputs there.

I know SP has nice remapping option for texture exports, but it would be nice to be able to remap substance channels as well on the engine side. With this, we could optimize ue4 materials with just few clicks instead of going to SD and exporting each substance again with different settings.

I didn't see a suggestion thread, so I'm posting this here. :)

Here are my initial thoughts how overall navigation on the site could possibly be improved with small tweaks:

For everything on the site: would it be possible to somehow mark (for example with an icon or something on top of preview image etc) things we have already downloaded so we wouldn't download something twice? Also a separate icon with indication on update since previous download would be great but I realize that's probably not as trivial to implement than rest of the suggestions here.

On recently updates list: could we have an option to somehow show only assets that have been updated or added our last login? This would be really nice for people who want to keep things up-to-date and don't want to manually check the version numbers one by one for each asset.

On my files: could we be able to sort the lists by individual columns so we could sort the downloaded/uploaded items by name, category and last update time? This would actually partly solve the previous request as we could just look at downloaded files for what's been recently updated.

On my files: could we have version numbers shown on the lists as well? I'm not sure if last update currently means the actual content has been changed or just the description of it?

On the side navigation list: when you expand individual categories, it expands that list but there's no scrolling for that menu itself, so if monitor resolution is small or browser window isn't fully expanded, part of that list doesn't show and page scrolling doesn't apply to that side menu as it's position is fixed. This is minor issue at the moment, but can get worse if there will be more categories later on.

Thanks again for the new service!

I was wondering about this, as the upgrade price from your site from B2M 2 Pro to B2M 3 Pro is $75 + VAT, so it ends up costing me $90 = 72€. Then if I look into steam and there you give existing B2M 2 Indie owners -50% discount on B2M 3 Pro, so it'll cost for indie owners to buy B2M 3 Pro 67,49€ there, VAT included.

Isn't that bit weird? That indie license owners over steam get offered a standalone B2M3 Pro at lower price than upgrade costs for existing B2M 2 Pro license owners on your site? Shouldn't it be the other way around? I get that those two prices are meant to be around the same value, but it's still weird that you don't get any further discount over indie license for already owning the previous Pro version (after all, Pro license costs 3x the indie license).

I've found using import all the time to be a bit tedious. Could you consider allowing users to drag & drop images and substances from windows explorer to painter?

I'd like to see drag & drop in all possible places, for example you could just drag an background image to your pbr viewport and it would change it instantly.

To populate previously made texture maps, you'd just drag images in fill layers without having to import them separately before assigning. If image would have standard naming convention and have something like _normal, _roughness etc in filename, it could also change fill layer to act accordingly without user input.

To add multiple textures to the painter, you could just select them in explorer and drag them to texture section and so on.

I think having such feature would speed up the overall workflow in Substance Painter.

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