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This is pretty amazing.  Can't tell you how exciting this is that you figured this out.  Wanted to post a test case.  Works extremely well imo

Hi guys!

My workflow usually involves creating some basic shapes then going back and adding nodes in between the current connections to add detail.  I thought it might be useful to have something that would automatically shift all of the nodes following automatically shift 1 grid unit to the left to create space in between.

Also would it be possible to create an option that allows the default space between nodes be one grid square rather than half a grid square?

Thanks guys!  I know you got a lot on your plate but thought I'd ask

I'm not quite sure if these are accurate - I'll try to run some more tests when I have a minute but
1.  I think navigation in the 3d viewport from left to right is backwards...  I reinstalled 5.2.5 and it feels more normal now... but it felt like left went right and right went left in 5.2.5.  Like I said I'll reinstall 5.3 and try to confirm this.
2.  Some of the updating feels a little sluggish in the 3d viewport.  Like it doesn't update all the textures right away.  Again I'll to get a more detailed report on this.

Thanks!  And regardless - awesome release!!

:D  Thanks Nicolas!!!  You're awesome man!

Hi guys,

Just wanted to post a few bugs found in 5.2 pbr shaders.

1 - This one is pretty big for us although maybe not a big deal to other pipelines -
     -- if both basecolor output and diffuse output exist, shader will always prefer basecolor.  So when we switch from Roughness/Metallic to Spec/Gloss it will load all of the spec/gloss outputs except for diffuse.  It will continue to use basecolor.  I can right click the diffuse output to manually load it into the diffuse slot, but for a few specific workflows in our pipeline, that technique creates some issues.

2.  This one is less critical for us but the tessellation shader doesn't tile the height map at the same rate as the other maps when tiling. 

I created a video to hopefully make all this easier to understand:

Oh - and I almost forgot - this one isn't a bug - but any chance of getting a batchtool command for screenshots?  We're putting the batch tools to work but one of the things we'd love is to batch some screenshots on the new iray system in 5.3!

Hugo this is incredible man!  Really awesome breakthrough with working with noise.

Check to make sure under preferences that Tools->Preferences->Projects->Tangent Space Plugin: You have something set.  I ran into an issue where it was linked to an old dll that I deleted and it generated black maps.

very cool node nicolas!

Hey guys quick question - wasn't it possible to drag and drop directly into the graph from win explorer before?  I can't seem to do this now.

Will send you an email.

Hi guys,

Just wanted to report a bug that causes SD to crash when I'm deleting parameters.  It's strange because if I delete it later, it does it with no issues.

Oh maybe this will help too:

System Info
16GB Ram
SD 5.0.3

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Re: Switch Blend
 on: April 24, 2015, 09:44:47 pm 
Thanks much Wes.  Might send you an email later.  Working on something that I think will be fairly useful.. but like I said - calc time is still really high.  Thanks again!

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Switch Blend
 on: April 20, 2015, 10:25:01 pm 
Hi guys,
   I read in the documentation history that the switch blend mode wasn't working the way it was supposed to a few releases ago.  Has it been fixed?  I'm using it now and I seem to still be getting calculation time even when using the switch blending mode at 0 opacity.


Sorry I missed this.  Thanks Kay!!

Grab it here if anyone is interested.

Hi Josh,
   will the plugin work with new Substances published in SD5?
NVM - Fabian confirmed it in another thread.  Thanks for the hard work.

Tried out some hand painted grass -
Grass -

Download it here:

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