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Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - Link Node
 on: January 14, 2019, 10:09:31 pm 
Posting here because the Feedback section of the site wasn't accepting my post.

I think there would be a huge benefit in having a node that links to other software, specifically ZBrush and Painter.

For ZBrush, the node would connect to a ZBrush session and allow for users to generate height information from the session. It can also send Designer's height data to allow for sculpting within ZBrush. This would be great for easily going back and forth between the program, while organizing the sessions for their various purposes like establishing the base forms, modifying shapes, or final touchups at the very end. I see many studios (Sony Santa Monica and Blizzard, as an example) either start with a sculpted height map or start in Designer and eventually go into ZBrush and back to Designer. A node like this would make it efficient and allow for the hand-work that Designer currently lacks, while using software that many professionals have.

For Painter, I imagine that each Designer link node would correspond to a folder in the linked Painter file, allowing a user to make a layer stack within Painter, while resulting in a single Designer node. This would make touchup painting for color, normal, roughness, etc maps very convenient.

Is there any way to have it reproject on UVs instead of the mesh, since the UVs haven't changed? Also, when I update the mesh there aren't any issues, so I assume there has to be a way. It's only after I save and it affects parts of the mesh that haven't even been moved.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Broken mesh
 on: October 29, 2017, 10:18:33 pm 
What are your normals like? Try using Ctrl-N to make them consistent.

I'm wondering how to reimport my mesh into Painter without it affecting the textures. In my mesh, I moved a few pieces around and when I reimported the mesh, my masks seemed to be all messed up, even for the pieces that were untouched. I didn't rebake anything or change the UVs, so I'm wondering why this would happen.

Edit: When I update my mesh, there are no problems. The problems only show up after saving the file. I've tried importing with preserve strokes and without preserve strokes selected.

You should be able to do that with the "Texture From Mesh" baker of Substance Designer. Unfortunately, it has not been included in Substance Painter yet.

This seems to be what I'm looking for. How would I do that for something with opacity, though? My bake is working, but I don't know how I would do it with opacity.

Yea, I originally tried baking an "ID" map based on the material of the object, using the texture sheet as the input for the color. For some reason this doesn't work in either Painter or Designer. It seems to not find my material - it bakes a blank gray texture. For objects with simple materials it bakes the colors fine. However, with this material that has a texture input, it doesn't work.

Hey sorry for the late answer...
Do you mind posting few screenshots of where you are and what you are exactly aiming pls?

I apologize for the late response.

In the screenshot, I have a composition of alpha planes that create an entire flower. There is also the attached texture sheet. What I am asking is how I can take what I have now and bake all of the maps against another plane. So I am baking the entire composited flower onto a single plane. The first composited pieces were made by individual baking (petal to a plane, bulb to geo, stamen to a plane, etc). Now I want to take the composition of all of these and bake them onto a single plane with all of the texture information (color, normal, roughness). This way, I can take the individually created pieces and make variations of the flower that can easily be baked. I hope that makes sense.


Yes, that seems to be the case for me too.

This is a known issue with reimporting substances using generated textures. The dev team is aware of it, and I hope that it can be fixed soon. I'm sorry for the problem this causes you. :(

Oh, okay. I thought it was something that I had to change on my end. Thank you for the help.

Yes, that seems to be the case for me too.

Will this work? It wasn't letting me upload the .sbsar. It won't let me upload the dependencies either.

Hey gosusorai,

Is your issue related to source control as well? What version of Unreal are you using?

No, I'm not using any source control. I'm using the newest version - 4.17. I've tried re-importing every element and each one results in a crash.

It's worth noting that I wasn't trying to re-import the instances because it would crash UE4, but then re-importing the factory just did nothing. I reinstalled the plugin, and was able to re-import the substance through the instances. That works almost perfectly, the only exception being that when you open unreal engine, the substances revert to a previous state. Definitely not as big of an issue as not being able to re-import at all.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for reporting this. The devs have marked it as a bug and they'll get it fixed.


Has there been any update on this? I am trying to reimport my substances and it is crashing UE4.


I'm trying to find a workflow for making custom foliage. For the current example that I'm working on, I wanted to sculpt a single leaf and turn it into a plane that I can then duplicate and use in various ways. I have the single leaf plane, but I don't know how to bake out the clump of leaves onto a plane of its own. I tried exporting the clump of planes as the high poly with the albedo of the single leaf plugged into the material then baking an ID map using "Material" onto the low poly, but that didn't give me an albedo for the clump, just a monocolor ID.

Ideally, following the workflow I would be able to make a few single leaf plane variations and a few single branch plane variations. I can then arrange the planes together and then bake them onto a single plane to have a full branch with leaves on a single plane. Maybe that's not the best way to create custom foliage, so I was wondering how to fix this problem or if I need to look at some other workflow.

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