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Hi guys!

My workflow usually involves creating some basic shapes then going back and adding nodes in between the current connections to add detail.  I thought it might be useful to have something that would automatically shift all of the nodes following automatically shift 1 grid unit to the left to create space in between.

Also would it be possible to create an option that allows the default space between nodes be one grid square rather than half a grid square?

Thanks guys!  I know you got a lot on your plate but thought I'd ask

I'm not quite sure if these are accurate - I'll try to run some more tests when I have a minute but
1.  I think navigation in the 3d viewport from left to right is backwards...  I reinstalled 5.2.5 and it feels more normal now... but it felt like left went right and right went left in 5.2.5.  Like I said I'll reinstall 5.3 and try to confirm this.
2.  Some of the updating feels a little sluggish in the 3d viewport.  Like it doesn't update all the textures right away.  Again I'll to get a more detailed report on this.

Thanks!  And regardless - awesome release!!

Hi guys,

Just wanted to post a few bugs found in 5.2 pbr shaders.

1 - This one is pretty big for us although maybe not a big deal to other pipelines -
     -- if both basecolor output and diffuse output exist, shader will always prefer basecolor.  So when we switch from Roughness/Metallic to Spec/Gloss it will load all of the spec/gloss outputs except for diffuse.  It will continue to use basecolor.  I can right click the diffuse output to manually load it into the diffuse slot, but for a few specific workflows in our pipeline, that technique creates some issues.

2.  This one is less critical for us but the tessellation shader doesn't tile the height map at the same rate as the other maps when tiling. 

I created a video to hopefully make all this easier to understand:

Oh - and I almost forgot - this one isn't a bug - but any chance of getting a batchtool command for screenshots?  We're putting the batch tools to work but one of the things we'd love is to batch some screenshots on the new iray system in 5.3!

Hi guys,

Just wanted to report a bug that causes SD to crash when I'm deleting parameters.  It's strange because if I delete it later, it does it with no issues.

Oh maybe this will help too:

System Info
16GB Ram
SD 5.0.3

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Switch Blend
 on: April 20, 2015, 10:25:01 pm 
Hi guys,
   I read in the documentation history that the switch blend mode wasn't working the way it was supposed to a few releases ago.  Has it been fixed?  I'm using it now and I seem to still be getting calculation time even when using the switch blending mode at 0 opacity.


Hi guys - first time I've hit an absolutely frustrating thing with SD.  I have a file that will no longer open.  It first asks me where to find some custom nodes I stored in a separate library.  I navigate to the them, and SD seems satisfied.  However these files are in a library specified under preferences. 

Next it starts to load the nodes - it looks like it's about to start, then it crashes.  Fortunately the project is done, but I stored all of my Graphs in this one Substance file.  I'd hate to think I can't access them again.  Thanks for any help.

Hi guys, could use some help
Where I have some large shapes with small ones in between. I've tried a few things blending different shapes together - even tried an fx map but the final result is that the bigger shape looks like it's sitting on top of the smaller shapes rather than in between them. Or that it's buried under the small shapes instead of displacing them. Ideas?

Something like this:

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Condolences regarding the attack
 on: January 14, 2015, 02:22:31 pm 
Hey guys, just wanting to let you guys know we are thinking about you and your nation in during this time.   Hope that everyone and their families are well.

Hi guys,
   I finished up some experiments using substance from last year and want to give several away as freebies!

You can download them here:

I also started a new series with basics about how to create tileable materials using SD:
You need to do a quick register to get them.  Just wanting to track how many people are using them.
Thanks and hope you enjoy!

Hey guys just wanna say thanks for all the hard work, the incredible support,  and the innovative development this year.   Hope you have a great holiday season with your families!

So I recently purchased ddo on a 50% off sale.  Just wanted to learn more about it. 
dDo is great - but I still heavily lean more toward Substance Products.  I feel that they are more efficient, more versatile, and faster.

It does have a few things though that I think Substance could use -
1) I think it gets some tighter balancing on maps using the "tightness" modifier because it can utilize curves instead of levels.  I think a curve input can really help isolate sections on different info maps.

2) Something to seal up seams.  I'm not sure exactly how this could be done.  dDo has something called a Seam terminator, but doesn't seem to really work.  I think having something that can magically clean seams would be a great addition.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Showcase - Martin Luther Rework
 on: December 02, 2014, 02:34:36 pm 
Decided to rework Martin Luther I did for an Artbypapercut challenge a few years ago.

Mostly done in Painter - Head was done in 3Dcoat

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - The Foundry and ADFs
 on: November 20, 2014, 05:27:13 pm 
I don't know how much people here keep up with cg news but recently The Foundry acquired rights to ADFs via the Mischief buyout.

I think Substances could find a plethora of uses for something like this.  From my understanding of the article one of the functions it has is storing strokes.  I think having paint strokes stored from painter then manipulated in designer could go a long way.

I think the small footprint ADFs seems to leave would also work really well within the substance engine for custom shapes and textures.

Just an interesting thought.  It seems like the two companies seem to have a pretty good relationship as well.

I noticed that the new version of SP has a pack for Game Textures.  They are packaged in a similar way to the SP materials in the main folder - not as regularly named sbsar files.  Is there a simple way to install these?

Is there a way to put my resources - e.g. materials, brushes, stencils, etc. on an external folder a la substance designer?

I have SP installed on an ssd and I try not to bog up my ssd with files.

Thanks for any help.

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