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Hi, new to substance so forgive the noobish question but wondering how to go about aligning brushstrokes with each other? Specifically, I am making a texture for a guitar neck and I am trying to place the inlaid marker dots at appropriate locations. This isnt something that requires a continuous brushstroke. I simply need to be able to make a circle and then duplicate drag and place them where I need them on the neck. Being able to align these circle pieces with each other would be great too. How do I do this in Substance Painter??
I could be confusing functionality for what you are capable of doing in Photoshop but I guess I just figured you would be able to do this in Substance. In Photoshop, you can lock your brush to an axis (hold shift) and know that subsequent strokes are aligned to each other (in addition to several other alignment tools), you can also just draw a dot on a layer and then drag it around your canvas and place it wherever, this is in essence what I am trying to figure out how to do inside of Substance. Help is appreciated, thanks!

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