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Hi guys,

Here are my questions:
1) The Local Overrides in the Material SOP, it didn't seem to be able to override the exposed parameters at the Substance node? am I correct? e.g. I would like to have just one Substance node in multiple assignments, then I could do different local override at each assignment at the Material SOP.

2) Substance didn't seems to produce correct result on multiple model inputs with Merge node.
For example, I had 3 separate imported models, and each one had it own Material SOP and Substance node for assignment, the Substance nodes were pointing to the same sbsar file. Then I run them through Merge node to render them together, at the viewport it was still showing the correct result, however when I rendered it, only the last model input at the Merge node had the correct result and it seem like the result of the last model applied onto the other two models input as a texture map?


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