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Installed the Substance plugin 2.3.4 on the latest 3ds Max 2021. Worked on a project for two days. Now I am getting the parameter block error. Cannot open my project anymore. What is the solution? Need to resolve this asap

Hello everyone,

Today we have released Substance in 3ds Max 2.3.4, which is a patch release containing some minor improvements and some bug fixes.

2.3.4 Release:
  • Added workflow option for the PBR (Spec/Gloss) shader for 3ds Max 2021
  • Added workflow option for the PBR (Metal/Rough) shader for 3ds Max 2021
  • Workflow scripts no longer fail when moving nodes between different views in the SME
  • Setting a relative path in the asset tracker will now work
  • If an output that a workflow script expects is missing, it is now logged to the console
  • Added About dialog, containing information about the plugin, along with used libraries.
  • About dialog has a 'Copy to Clipboard' button, like Substance Painter, Substance in Maya or the Substance Launcher, allowing diagnostic information to be saved.

This version is released for 3ds Max 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Galen Helfter

Fantastic tool. But I cannot use it easily for my workflow which is making textured OBJs for full color 3D printing

1- when I open Substance source from 3ds Max and select my material I can send to 3ds Max with the icon available in Substance source. Substance source downloads and gives a notification that it has been sent to 3ds. But I have no clue how to pick it up in 3DS Max. Is it working? Nothing in the sample slots or in substance folder from 3ds max

2- when I manually download the Substance sbsar and then import it in the Slate Material editor and with the Substance tool generate the material to Arnold. I cannot export it to OBJ. The OBJ exporter does not export the maps.
The long workaround is to create default materials with the scanline renderer set in stead of Arnold. For this I need to bake and export the bitmaps from within the Substance map first and then pick it up as bitmap lookup in legacy from the other tree.

Please advice. I understand that no baked maps are available when using the configurable substance map. But maybe I am something missing and my knowledge is limited?

Also when texturemaps are created for Arnold the OBJ exporter does not export maps.

I can open Substance source within 3DS Max but the "send to 3DS Max" button does not seem to do anything. Does somebody know how this works?

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