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Hi. I'd like to have the 3D view show the roughness channel and the 2D view show the Material channel. Is there a way to do this? Right now they seem to only work in unison.



DISREGARD. USER ERROR. Somehow managed to save the high poly with the low poly. It's Friday. Forgive the false alarm.

The problem for me seems to be unique to the OBJ format. FBX seems to import without issue.

So I did some testing because I too was suffering from the UVs being placed in a tiny corner of the paint window and negating the ability to paint on it. It seems to only happen with OBJ files for me. FBX files seem to work without issue. I don't know why the OBJ is being read the way it is.

I've managed to make a relatively decent weave pattern for a placemat and I'd like it to swirl from the center out. I was wondering if there's a node setup that could do this or am I going to have to reUV to achieve the effect I want?

Not sure if this already exists and I'm simply missing it but it'd be awesome to be able to convert a layer to a mask. I recently painted on some text to a can and realized I'd have been better off using a fill layer and painting the text as a mask but had actually simply painted it on a layer. So, at some point down the line, if we can get the option to convert layers to masks, that will really help for moments like this.

Hey Wes! I probably should ask the Luxology guys this but I actually don't see it there, I see one for modo 901 in "Additional Content" is that what I'm meant to install for modo 10.0v1? Sorry for the confusion.

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