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Need this!

Yeah, thanks figured it out later by myself. Sorry for not updating. I had my graph on absolute, so I would have wanted different resolution stuff on different props. So I set it to relative to parent as you said, now it works as I wanted. Ty!

Is it possible to create a function inside SD to expose texture size in substance painter? Like in this picture.

Yes, everything is the same. Using studio 4 environment. Maybe I just use levels or HSL node as a workaround then.

Thanks for your time.

I'm having a problem with saturation between the programs. Here is a pic of SD(left) and SP, as you can see SD is slightly more saturated. I tested correcting it in Photoshop and its around 20 points off, which is quite a lot. Does anyone know why this is happening. Haven't seen anyone else complaining about this.

Thanks for your time!

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