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I've been running this version without issues on my other computer. Just did an install on a new workstation and unable to launch the program (I see the splash screen and then it silently closes)

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I'm using Painter to clean up scanned assets. I've set up a project with DirectX normals (our scan normals format)

Shading is set to pbr-metal-rough template.

My texture maps 32-bit EXR, imported into the texture set channels as follows:

base color: RGB32F
roughness: L32F
normal: RGB32F
specular: RGB32F

The issue I'm having is this clipping that occurs when viewing material in the viewer. When I view the normal channel, it looks correct, and exports fine as well. However, viewing the Normal + Height + Base normal channel shows the clipping (the base normal is showing through in the clamped looking spots) I'm also seeing this in the export of the DX normal.

I've attached reference.



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