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Hello !

I noticed that when using the Bitmap To Material filter, by setting the Surface Type on Metallic, the Metallic PBR map becomes 100% white, no matter the starting texture configuration.

Is there a way to set a kind of threshold to filter the metallic PBR as it was on the older B2M ?

Thank you.

Hey Farmer, This is essentially correct as Metals have a fixed average for calculations on F0 (Fresnel at 0 degrees) and such in substance.

Common Dielectrics will use somewhere in the 2-5% range i believe substance hardcodes a 4% value to that.

Depending on the material you are using as your scan to begin with. in regards to metals, it's probably best to take it from a " Basic" scan of metal, then work in your additives like dirt and rust etc.

also keep in mind that metals that are fully rusted or painted for example are no longer dielectric so 'metal' wouldn't need to be chosen.

@Koppiman has also stated that using  'metal finish' gives a good controller for the metallic channel too.


In my opinion i say that the comprise here is that 2019 isn't a requirement at this point, and you can go backwards and forwards between installs with relitive ease.

I too was pretty shocked but after a few hours yesterday considering my options I've chosen to go forward taking the best parts of my experience in the betas

You could  rebuild, your materials if you so wish, and those that no longer need params changed can be imported as SBSAR files or SBS for designer use.

But the bottom line for me is that people have just feared they've lost beta data, and that's driving concerns.

But it isn't the case, sure it's a little inconvenient to double up your c drive with two sets of data sets but, if people just work with the minor work around, it's not as bad as first thought.

 I shed about 720 materials, that I've just taken ref data from so I can just rebuild them better and smarter in 2019, others that I'd like as a static base I've exported as SBS or SBSAR from 2018b so I can reuse the end results that I'm satisfied with.

And obviously my raw library is untouched so I can really look back on everything I've done and move forward effectively

I hope this helps some that may be concerned with their libraries and what they could do with them

I had this error after a funko pop fell onto my test bench 😂.

Unfortunately I had to reinstall because of bar sectors. I honestly just wanted to share this story, but it could be related.

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Re: Can't export material
 on: November 04, 2019, 04:36:31 pm 
Additional to  Prigle's post

Exporting 4k maps is highly resource hungry especially if you haven't optimised your layers.

Sometimes I rotate the mesh or ctrl alt del after I hit export and it speeds up (less crashes my pc) when I 4k export.

Baptiste always amazes me with his filter work can't wait for future updates.

In the mean time to make the atlases, just ensure you export an SBSAR of your atlas in mind  WITH opacity checked. Then import it into your collection.

I've never had an issue using the splatter with this, using this method (sorry if I'm late to this 😂)

So I've had some success, finally.
A slight caveat though.

I can load the Water.sbsar ONLY when loading it as a custom filter, it appears to be the same for some other, general custom filters, which is fine to be fair, it's just a shame that I have to use the load custom function more frequently, cause id normally test ones I make in designer and then if they work, i'll plug them in at the file root for filters.

Thanks for all of your support with this Baptiste, I super appreciate it.

Can you check that the Water filter is in the categories.json file? like this
"Water": "Weathering"

Also I'm gonna send you in your email address the root file of Water to try to replace it in your ProgramFiles and see how it goes

Hi Baptiste,
Thanks for the email, in responding to it, I didn't see this message but I'd like to confirm yes the JSON file is as you've stated :)

i did also find this, if it may be of any use.

This is something really weird.

On previous version, did you modify/add/delete anything C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist\Resources ?

Hi @Baptiste Manteau, thanks for the reply, sorry that I took so long getting back.

I've only added custom filters in C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist\Resources\assets\Filters
the built-in ones are all there and untouched also.

I'm still having this issue unfortunately

As i stated above to nicky the dev, i cleared cache 'AFTER' the problem first occured

the annoying part is that it doesnt come up on the log.
 after reinstall i cant use it the filter at all either, so i guess this is based on another file within the substance directory

Just a random shot - did you try to clean up the cache ?

Hey Nicky, sorry for the delayed response.

The bug for me was apparent before I knew  about the CPU cache.

I have since updated to the latest build, still the same because the filter hasn't been changed. It's a really strange one because I believe it's specific to me, not that I've done anything since I've first used it.

Appreciate the support though

the green flashing in general sounds like possible memory issue on your GPU, maybe driver.

the fact that your exported files have saved that state maybe due to it writing the files at that moment of the error

you could maybe force the layer stack to refresh and re calculate everything  by switching work flows between metallic and diffuse and back, though that may just just create two different files based on it and not actually write a fresh one.

if you come across this again, i highly recommend  uploading a log of the  session by clicking the (i) in the top right corner of the application.

i know this doesn't help much, hopefully a dev will see this soon.

unfortunately your reference images link seems to have expired.

if your issues still relevant i'd probably reapply your test materials and also a reference of the results you're getting in alchemist that aren't to your liking

This may be an issue specific to me, because their hasn't been an update, pre loaded water filter seems to just crash as soon as i apply it.
 Doesn't matter how simple the current workflow is, app will just white screen.

i have tried to uninstall / re-install

unfortunately to no avail.

last 3 log file entries are pretty much today's attempt at this ( if it shows an attempt)



Yes, we're aware of the issue.
It's on our backlog to have a clear cache option. Meanwhile, you can delete the following folder:
~\AppData\Roaming\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist\processorCache


Thanks for the update Baptiste that really helps a lot.

Thank you Mr. Xanders 0  ;D
After I installed the CUDA Toolkit 10.1 Update, the delight can be used, thank you
Here is the address

You are most welcome baozi. Thanks for sharing the CUDA update too :)

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