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Ive started getting an assetion failed crash each time I try and create a shader network from a workflow.  (When pressing the "create shader network" button)

I have tried this on 2 workstation ands happens on both.

See the attached image for the crash error. 

If theres a quick fix, let me know - its such a great feature and use worflows alot.

Many thanks

Hi Galen,

This little converter helped me and converted my presets to v3 for me.

Thanks for the pointing to this.  I can now update the 2018 plugin aswell.


Hi Galen,

Great, workflow py files attached.


Code: [Select]
""" Generated workflow module for Substance in Maya """

import substance.ui.base_workflow
from substance.ui.base_workflow import GraphNode

class GeneratedSubstanceWorkflow(substance.ui.base_workflow.SubstanceWorkflow):
    """ Generated workflow script class """
    workflow_name = 'nymbl_RS1'
    to_display = True
    ordering = '0'
    nodes = {
        1 : GraphNode(1, {}, [(u'outColor', 2, u'diffuse_color')], 'remapHsv'),
        2 : GraphNode(2, {u'refl_brdf': 1, u'ms_mode': 1, u'refl_samples': 64, u'version': 1, u'refl_fresnel_mode': 2, u'refr_samples': 64, u'emission_weight': 2.0}, [(u'outColor', 3, u'surfaceShader')], 'RedshiftMaterial', 'shader'),
        3 : GraphNode(3, {}, [], 'shadingEngine', 'set'),
        4 : GraphNode(4, {u'scale': 1.0, u'inputType': 1}, [(u'out', 5, u'baseInput')], 'RedshiftBumpMap'),
        5 : GraphNode(5, {}, [(u'outColor', 2, u'bump_input')], 'RedshiftBumpBlender'),
        6 : GraphNode(6, {}, [(u'outValue', 2, u'diffuse_roughness'), (u'outValue', 2, u'refl_roughness')], 'remapValue'),
        7 : GraphNode(7, {}, [(u'outValue', 2, u'refl_metalness')], 'remapValue'),
        8 : GraphNode(8, {}, [(u'out', 3, u'rsDisplacementShader')], 'RedshiftDisplacement'),

    outputs = [u'baseColor', u'normal', u'roughness', u'metallic', u'height']

    image_attributes = [{u'colorSpace': u'sRGB'}, {u'colorSpace': u'Raw'}, {u'colorSpace': u'Raw'}, {u'colorSpace': u'Raw'}, {u'colorSpace': u'Raw', u'alphaOffset': -0.5}]

    output_connections = {u'height': [(u'outColor', 8, u'texMap')], u'baseColor': [(u'outColor', 1, u'color')], u'roughness': [(u'outAlpha', 6, u'inputValue')], u'metallic': [(u'outAlpha', 7, u'inputValue')], u'normal': [(u'outColor', 4, u'input')]}

We used the custom workflows to create networks in maya 2018, and it worked perfectly.  We moved our 2018 workflow presets to maya 2020, but the networks did not complete assemebling.  Any nodes after the file nodes did not get created.  I also tested this by creating a default redshift workflow, and then saving the created network as a custom workflow with the same result and error below.

// Error: line 1: KeyError: file C:/Program Files/Allegorithmic/Substance in Maya/2020/plug-ins\substance\ui\ line 139: <type 'unicode'> //

we are using maya 2020.2 and the latest install of the plugin.



The new plugin is great, especially the custom workflows.  We have been experiencing warnings with missing textures when referencing in files that have a substance network.

The "cache Path" output which sets the "file texture name" of the file nodes cannot be set explicitly.  So when referencing into a scene, the substance output Node creates paths with the namespace in the texture path.

As an example.
// Warning:  [Redshift] Shader node 'ASSET_TTB1840_Scrubber10:ASSET_TTB1840_Brush01:file3<2532044864>' texture file 'Z:/267_Numatic_Interclean2020/2a_3D/Maya_Interclean2020/substance/ASSET_TTB1840_Scrubber10:ASSET_TTB1840_Brush01:Sla_Plastic_metallic.png' was not found! //
// Error: file: C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2018/scripts/AETemplates/AEfileTemplate.mel line 638: Object 'textureUvTilingGeneratePreviewButton' not found. //

Some are working with the namespace, and some not - its a bit hit and miss.  Our current solution is to disconnect the cache path to the file texture name.  Ideally it would be good to keep the network intact, for amends/updates to the assets etc...

Any tips, or is there going to an option to set the cache path explicitly in the future?


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