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Hi there, Integrations PM here! Apologies for the delayed reply! We'll log the crash and take a look; could you provide a few more details? Specifically:

- Which version of the Substance in Maya plugin are you using?
- Which the Maya version you are using 2020, 2020.1, 2020.2, 2020.3 or 2020.4?
- Are you able to provide any assets, etc that could help us to replicate?
- Could you provide a bit more details on the steps you take?


Hi there, Integrations PM here! We are aware of the asset download error when accessing Source through the plugin. The work around would be to download direct from the Source website ( and manually import the assets. We are working on replacing the existing Source feature that will utilize the Substance Launcher to download assets. Look for that in our next release!

But you know this is a showstopper for using Substance with iOS, right?

I mean, I just started trying to use Substance in Unity by last week and it is full of obvious bugs. Sometimes I think I'm the only one using Substance, because Substance is really really unusable with all these bugs. With this bug you aren't able to create a release!

Don't get me wrong: The idea behind Substance is really really great and it's incredible what can be achieved with it. But with all these bugs, the plugin isn't production ready, by far.

Hi Amonius - Integrations PM here! Thanks for reporting! For the bug that is impacting building for iOS, we've got a fix in place that is currently being evaluated internally. We will have the fix in our next release which is planned to be on the Unity Asset store before the end of the year pending any findings from the internal evaluation. You mentioned there are many bugs - would you let us know what other bugs you've experienced? Important details are Unity and Substance plugin versions, project type, the steps taken to reproduce these bugs and if you are able share assets that would be helpful! Feel free to DM me or reply on this forum. Thanks!

Hi there,

I just wanted to jump onto one of these threads to note that I'm pretty impressed with the latest kit but there are some issues I've noticed. I've only been playing around with it for a few hours, so I'll post again if I note more bugs or issues.

-Metallic texture layers never set the effect up correctly and must be manually fixed each time
-Modo crashes 100% of the time if you try to load a map that is unavailable for a shader, however, it's not always clear what is available
-Super slow loading any files with a substance material

Nothing deal-breaking but it would be nice to see those issues fixed.

Thanks! I'll add these to the backlog! Just to confirm, did you experience these using plugin version 2.7.4 for Modo 14?

Modo 14.1 released post our last plugin drop so it was not tested prior to our latest version but I see that you experienced this on 14.0 as well. We will keep trying to repro but our engineers did suggest trying the following to see if this can fix the issue you are having. Take a look at the steps below and let me know if this helps.
  • Rename the substance .lpk download to .zip
  • Create a SubstanceInModo14.0 folder in his Kits folder (based on your video, it shows the kits folder)
  • Unzip the contents of the zip file into the newly created SubstanceInModo14.0 folder
  • Launch Modo

Hi! Integrations PM here! Haven't seen this one before... I've forwarded it to the engineers to assess and will follow up with more info.

For people who don't want to wait for a fix... as it seems like it's been months for nothing to happen when it's literally a couple of lines to fix.

You can apply a Harmony patch:
* Download Harmony (really cool tool!) -
* Copy the following code to your Unity project and it will load automatically:

Code: [Select]
    public class SubstancePatchLoader {
        static SubstancePatchLoader() {
            var harmony = new Harmony("SubstancePatches");

            Debug.Log("Loaded Substance Patches.");

    [HarmonyPatch(typeof(EntryPoint), "NeedsReImport")]
    class SubstanceEntryPointPatch {
        static bool Prefix(ref bool __result, string pPath) {
            var obj = AssetDatabase.LoadMainAssetAtPath(pPath);

            if (obj is Material) {
                return true;

            __result = false;
            return false;


The patch is simple - it adds a Prefix method (basically a method that gets run before the actual method gets run) and uses the path string passed into the original method and loads the Asset.

If the loaded object is a Material object, it will allow the actual method to run as normal.
If the loaded object is not a Material object, it will prevent the original method from running (the return false does this) and it will return back a false value back to the caller.  (The thinking being, if it's not a Material object then it doesn't need to be reimported).

Hope it helps other people.

I also patched the Substance.MaterialEditor issue where it spews console log errors when trying to access the Material/Shader properties of code-instantiated materials (ie. not saved as an asset in the file system).  If you want that one, I can also share it.

Hi Integrations PM here! This is an interesting suggestion but one we would not recommend as it would disable our team to assess and repro bugs that would be reported with the externally altered code.

I'm sorry its taken some time to resolve the bug - we do have the fix in for our upcoming release (v. 2.5.2) which is in QA now and then will be with beta testers for about a week.

We do not have a quick release cycle at the moment and we are taking steps to give patches faster. Our team is small and managing the release process as it is today, along with shifting to a new one has been a challenge. For now, look for the new drop (2.5.2) to be on the asset store by end of next week but if you'd like to be a part of the beta group please reach out to me.

Substance Integrations - MODO - Substance in Modo 2.7.3
 on: April 08, 2020, 08:13:52 pm 
Substance in Modo v. 2.7.3 is now available

Download your version here: Substance in Modo v. 2.7.3

  • Supports Modo 14
  • Value Outputs in User Channels Support
  • Mac version compatible with Catalina

  • Mac version issues caused by Substance Source Send to - removed functionality for 2.7.3 (plans to refactor Source Send to feature in the next patch set to release at the end of April)

Thank you for all the details! We are looking in to a fix now though it will not be in our upcoming release (2.4.5) as its already packaged for beta with plans to release official next week. We will look to have the fix in the following release (2.5.0) in mid/late April.


Thanks! We'll take a look and follow up when it is fixed!

Would you like to join our beta group?
We are preparing a new build of the UE4 plugin and are looking for power users to join the beta via our Substance Discord Server. If you are interested, please join our discord server here.

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