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Hello !
I saw live link to renderman "Texture Streaming Experimentation" it was quite exciting
any progress on that ?

Hi !
Are you sure it's workable plugin ?
it's not extracting anything in maya2019 folder , looks like it's nothing there in installer 

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Regarding stencil wrap
 on: February 05, 2019, 11:30:57 pm 
Hi !

Stencil wrap/skew/deform ! long time ago requested feature , It's even been voted
I'm not going to ask any ETAs it's meaningless and I understand I'm not going to get answer regarding time anyway

I will ask about stencil tools , as I'm mostly interesting in facial painting and need stuff like clone areas and wrap eyebrows ..
In other words work on skin like other well known software does.
Will painter 2019 have something new regarding stencil workflow ?

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Showcase - my second work in SD
 on: June 03, 2017, 03:34:31 pm 
Hi !
I know I'm a beginner but Hope it's not horrible ))

I'm putting black uniform color in spec and glossiness but in viewport nothing changes
1)is there any chance to disable spec completely ?
2) any chance to disable smoothing on textures (filtering)


Hello !

That tire is imported with fbx from maya
you can see UVs I think there is no problems with UVs

what might be a issue here ? I tried many baker settings but still no result

curvature map also the same , as far as I know curvature is derived from normal
so if normal is incorrect then curvature will be with defects also

I have sand substance material archive , imported into maya with "substance node" plugin 
all looks good , normals, base color, displace etc etc ,

but when tilling it becomes repetitive, and that's logical , when tilling it repeats the image ,
So I have presculpted model of a ground and I want to make that substance seamless , I want that sand and stones to be generated all over the surface seamlessly in maya, regardless size and form or proportion of the mesh .

any chance ?

Hello ! I've done with brake material in substance painter
when exported I've chosen arnold preset
I'm trying to have same look , I have HDRI in maya , but look is not even close to one that was in painter
what I'm doing wrong ? thank you !

its been a 4 month after 5.5
how do you think will it happen before 2017 ? 

I'm using 4k monitor (maybe thats the reason of such behavior) but anyway, it should not do that, I suppose .
I'm using new 5.5 SD , after pressing "pick" it cuts the monitor screen like on image 2

best regards !

I need round pavement
any chance to do that ?

I want to move light in viewport to see how it affects normal map
but cant move light ... pushing shift button does nothing
using pbr specullar glossiness
maybe its a bug  ?

Hello !
I need to manipulate light over an object
with pbr specular roughness material i see normal but can't manipulate light , when using blinn material I cants see light moving because
cant see normal maps with blinn

can see normal only when pbr

I think software like substance designer
and all 3d softwares should have that ...
lets say you need to type 0.5 , its not a plesure to take a hand all the time
make some automatic conversation (if non string input starts from 0, then put point automatically )

and if i need 0.02 I will input 002 if 0.0003 = 00003

its small but very good function

exporting 8k in painter it means you doubleing the resolution of your art inside )
it means image is streched , I can do same in photoshop for every map
or maybe I missed something ? 

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