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Deleting the contents of the Crashpad folder took care of the problem for the first opening of Alchemist, but the problem returned as soon as I opened Alchemist a second time.

Happy holidays to you and the entire Substance gang, Baptiste!

Underlying problem is not solved, but I got around this issue by opening Task Manager and choosing "Bring to Front" for the Activation Manager.  This brought it to the front so that I could sign in and get past the frozen, screen-hogging Bug Report dialog.

Baptiste, is there a way to prevent this from happening again?  I don't understand why I continue to get a Bug Report dialog every time I open Alchemist even though it did not crash upon closing.

...even though Alchemist did not crash upon closing as it is telling me, and even though I should not have to use the Activation Wizard because the Allegorithmic site indicates that I'm current on my subscription.  Baptiste, please help me get past this issue quickly.  I am in heavy production with Alchemist right now and can't even open it.  Thanks.

Thank you so much for your help with this, Baptiste!  Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Baptiste, I'm trying to achieve a 2-color/2-roughness value brick look (like the attached image) using the Brickwall Pattern in Alchemist.  I feel like this should be fairly easy, but I'm not succeeding.  Is there a way to get this look using the Brickwall Pattern or some other method?  Thanks in advance for your guidance!

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Re: Brickwall Pattern
 on: October 06, 2020, 05:16:13 pm 
Baptiste, my log file is being sent to you via email.  When I try to attach it to this post, I keep getting a "413 Request Entity Too Large Error."  Ugh.

Regarding using the custom filter import icon, when I do this, whether I load the new Brickwall Pattern filter that you recently sent or I load the old brickwall_pattern filter, I still get only the wrong Brickwall Pattern filter.  Ugh.

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Re: Brickwall Pattern
 on: October 05, 2020, 05:17:58 pm 
One more bit of information....

When I actually throw the "brickwall_pattern" filter in the trash (rather than just moving it to the desktop) and then pull it out of the trash to place it back in the C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist\Resources\assets\Filters folder, the name changes radically.  It is now titled "$RKCFOIX.sbsar."  This seems odd to me.

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Re: Brickwall Pattern
 on: October 05, 2020, 05:13:35 pm 
Baptiste, this did not solve the problem.  I am still seeing a Brickwall filter that is different from the one in the video.

As a side note, when I open the C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist\Resources\assets\Filters folder, I see two versions of the Brickwall filter in the folder.  The new one you gave me is written in uppercase, like this...Brickwall Pattern.  The other one is lowercase with an underscore, like this...brickwall_pattern.  After installing the one you provided next to the lowercase version and still seeing the wrong filter in Alchemist, I tried closing Alchemist and removing one of these filters at a time to see if this would solve the problem.  It did not.

As a side-side note, just in case this is related, every time I open Alchemist, I am met with the Bug Report dialog, even though Alchemist did not crash...I simply closed the program.

As a side-side-side note, there is a "categories.json" file in the C:\Program Files\Allegorithmic\Substance Alchemist\Resources\assets\Filters folder.  Any chance this file could be causing the issue?

I have a big job headed my way that will require heavy use of the Brickwall filter.  Hope we can get this resolved soon. 


Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Re: Brickwall Pattern
 on: October 02, 2020, 06:45:58 pm 
Thanks for getting back to me, Baptiste.  I've attached 2 screen captures to show that my Brickwall Pattern is different than the one in the video.  Please let me know how to proceed.

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Brickwall Pattern
 on: October 02, 2020, 01:30:15 am 
I'm busy working with the Brickwall Pattern filter and am wondering if it's still possible to have access to some of the Brickwall Pattern features demoed in the second video found on the following page?:

Specifically, I'm interested in the Mix settings that allow for varying the brick types.  I'm also interested in the Cement Disorder, Brick Unstuck, Brick Color Variation, and Brick Dirtiness options.  These features appear to be missing in 2020.2.1.  Am I somehow overlooking them?  If not, do you know which of the previous Alchemist versions contained these features?  And is it possible to run multiple versions of Alchemist on my PC without deleting one, then installing the other?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Baptiste.  I've attached an image of mica in sand.  What I have in mind is a filter that would allow for adding tiny flecks that sparkle when the angle of light is just right.

If it's possible, I would enjoy working with a layer/filter that could add iridescence to materials, such as glass, water, and bubbles.  Thanks!

Gang, I would love to see a layer/filter that allows the user to add tiny flecks of mica to materials, such as stone, snow, and sand.  This way, when light passes over a material, the flecks would illuminate the way snow, sand, and certain stones do.

Baptiste, do you have a sense of when the next version of Alchemist will release with the 2K AO map fix?  I'm making a lot of materials right now and really need 4K AO maps.  Thanks.

Baptiste, is there a way to make the Transform filter only affect a single layer in the Alchemist layer stack?

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