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I am still working with B2M 3.

I have to set a Glossy Map and use it in Cinema 4d r21.

To get a Specular Map, i got to invert the Glossy Map.
I have a Concrete Map and a Wood Map.

In the Gray Concrete Map i got only the Normal and the Glossy is working.

If i Invert the Glossy map into a Speculal Map with Color Invert, i dont see any Reflection. Even if i simply set a Plastic Map with a reflection, and i set a reflection Roughness with the inverted Glossymap i only see Shades. i thought i would have some nice Spots, where the Reflection is Weak and Strong.

I got no Reflection if i use a Map, generated in B2M 3. What should i do ?

Some Days ago i bought B2M 3 on Steam.

I allready get used to the Workflow but i still got Problems.

What is the Difference between PBR and Non PBR ?
I generally use these Maps:

Height / Displacement

I got 2 mayor Problems. In wich way i have to use Specular Map ? As far as i have seen the Meaning of Specular and Roughness are the same.

For what should i use PBR and Non PBR ?

I work with Cinema 4d r21, and i can use both Shaders. What would be the best ? Beside that, i use the Demo of Redshift, and i want to Upgrade to Redshift.

I dont use a Game Engine. I only use Stills and Animations.

It is getting very confusing for me, because i dont figured out what Shaders would be Helpfull for my Work.

In Case that i use Metallic Shaders, what Shaders must be ?
On the other Side, i got Problems with Height and Displacement Shaders. There are Wavy Heights and i dont get used to them.

I got a Brick texture, and Exported the Single Shaders to Cinema 4d. But the Result was inverted. In B2M it looked great, but i got a Jucky result, as i imported it to Redshift. Is it possible to invert the Normal map in B2M 3 itself ?

I dont know how i can make a Height/Displacement Shader myself. The Displacement Shader in B2M is very Small and Filtered.

If i use the Height Shader, i got Wavy Heights. How can i modify them ?

What Setting should i use ? DirectX, or better Open GL ?

I need the Shaders for Cinema 4d as a PBR Shader.

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