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Never made a post here until now but have owned the Substance Suite with a perpetual license since 2016. I actually found out about this news the day the news broke over on the 3D Coat forums.

I've read all 50+ pages here and all the topics on reddit. I will say I am more surprised and shocked at the backlash than I would have expected. Not becasue I think it is not warranted but very happy to see finally people are realizing just how awful Adobe/Autodesk subscription like models are for programs. I remember when Adobe first started CC there was a split in the opposition. The majority who liked it only thought about how 'cheap' the programs would finally be but they didn't realize just how much they'd lose in the end. As time had gone on however its turned more and more away as they realize innovation dissolves and you pretty much just get tiny bug fixes with price hikes each year. I have never and will never agree that online always subscription models for a program is a positive thing, this isn't Netflix. Programs definitely don't need to be subscription based as Adobe claims its the 'only way for their products to work', it is only about the money and doing little as possible for maximum gains. There is nothing more anti-consumer a software company can do to its clients than ripping away perpetual and offering subscription only where you end up paying more in the long run for less, and they love every day they can get away with it. Perpetual licenses will always be king as far as I am concerned and when you want a new version can upgrade for a cheaper fee one time if you see the new version has actual changes and new features worth paying for. I do not do the rent a program deal.

I looked at Substance Painter and 3D Coat at the same time and ultimately went with 3D Coat for my workflow several years ago mainly becasue it had so many options in the same program (UV unwrapping, voxel sculpting, baking, and paint). Even though I haven't use substance much since I had gone with its 'competitor' (as some would see it) I still saw programs like Substance and 3D Coat on the same team fighting the good fight against the larger corporations and changing the way we could do 3D work and make painting on the models in 3D a standard method now. My point being though I still use Bitmap 2 Material weekly if not daily so thats really why I am here since its part of the Substance family and will have the same fate as the other products (sadly). What this fate will be is undecided but I have a pretty good idea where its headed.

The day that the only way to get a newer version of B2M is through the cloud will be a very sad day indeed. If B2M gets dissolved as a plugin for their photoshop that would be equally as painful to see. I really hope that all substance products will be kept as standalone and also the perpetual license for future versions will be here to stay as well. There is nothing exciting about any other payment method when compared to perpetual.

To end, for now the Substance Suite is safe. However, unless there was a permanent contract binding agreement between Adobe and Allegorithmic at the time of acquisition that allows Allegorithmic to have full control over their products and future releases anything said is pretty much up to Adobe if they want it to continue or allow it to happen. I'll be pleasantly surprised if the Substance Suite programs are still hosted here with perpetual licensees for the same price or still exist in 2-3 years time. In the mean time stay frosty, look/use alternative programs when you can to stay versatile in your workflow, and don't buy into the fluff. As a customer in the end companies like Adobe will only bend the knee to big studios where they get the most money from subscription services, they don't care about you the little guy.

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