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Totally agreed, Substance Painter really needs to support 3dconnexion manipulators. In ZBrush it turned out a game changer for me, since I figured out how much I rotate the model between brushing intervals. 3D mouse sorta reduces the mental fatigue from continuous work. Same undoubtedly goes to Painter!

I agree. This thread has become a bit inflamed and hard to watch. I get that people are upset (as am I... Im not an Adobe fan at all for many reasons, and HATE subscription software with a purple passion) But alleg doesn't really deserve the amount of venom that's being thrown in their general direction.... all of which is based on what people FEAR will happen... not whats definitely going to happen. To this point, they've always had awesome customer service. At least give them the benefit of the doubt, and respect for how they've been thus far.

Also, I doubt they'd kill the perpetual licenses. Not even just because I don't believe either company is THAT malicious (I mean, we all still have and use CS6) but I'm pretty sure that would be a legal mess.

I think we should all just take a wait and see approach. I know its hard, but hey, you know... maybe it won't turn out the way we all fear. If they do go sub only under CC, u can always stick with what you've got now and not buy in.


Thanks for being sincere, Wesley! This is appreciated indeed. Although I'm still very disappointed yet I want to trust you and hope for the best. Good luck in you one-way journey!

I'm waiting for the next brillant software company owned by 5,000 or 50,000,000 co-owner - users. I'm pretty sure a lot of users are ready to pay a little to be co-owner and keep their tools far away from the unique and imperfect strategies of big companies.

The company of this kind already exist - Blender Foundation. No one corp will ever get control over it - at least for legal reasons. At the same time companies like Epic Games invest into Blender as well - but without any opportunity to acquire it. This is an honest and fair support.

With all respect for business decisions of founders, but declare "funding to explore many other areas we couldn't afford to before" as one reason for the buyout seems a bit indelicate for me as a customer. Maybe Adobe is funding indeed some kind of 'allegorithmic Sandbox' over one or two financial years as a assisted living playground for the awesome engineers of former allegorithmic.

But Adobe won't fund any kind of Sandbox from their own cash roll - this investment will be more likely priced a position in the quarterly minimum yields of the new acquisition. Add shareholders return and we easily reach a reasonable monthly price range between 200% and 450% of the former prices.
So it's not easy for prior allegorithmic customers to recognize any advantage of this familyreunion even though it might provide funding for some lab explorations.

As for me this is the most dark side of this story. It is always better to evolve but stay independent than try to cut corners and loose yourself. Growing on steroids have been always know to be harmful. This never works as expected. I think Pixologic had million opportunities to do the same. They have a small company too and limited resources as well. And their users want so many new features, an Pixo knows it, but still they prefer a slow but progressive development of ZBrush over any alternatives. And what is most amazing and shocking - they still never charge for updates! Even if you have ZBrush 1.0 (released in 2000) - you're eligible to upgrade to ZBrush 2018 for free. No milking at all. I absolutely admire this approach.

This is about money and Sébastien Deguy's greed.

Not sure about greed - there's something else. You should check his post at medium...

In reading the blogs, Allegorithmic survived and flourished perfectly fine for 15 years, then two years ago Adobe joined the Alegorithmic board and suddenly budget targets had to be met (presuming bigger profits) which then led to Athegorithmic to sell to Adobe.

As a small company, we always had to meet targets, simply to stay in business. The arrival of Adobe did not change that, we had other investors before Adobe came along. Any startup or small company is lucky if it makes any profit at all, and every cent of that profit for the past few years has been reinjected in new hires, hardware and offices.

We were acquired by Adobe because it made sense for the strategy of both companies, not because we were forced to.

No one can blame you for surviving and staying in business. It's vital. Every company has to spin somehow, find funds, investors, it's ok. Also it's ok if you had Adobe as you investor. If bad company wants to give you some money and get some interest income back - no problem. But if company like Abode gains control over company - then shit happens. This isn't about being acquired, but being acquired by Adobe! This is just very disturbing for everyone because of incredible mistrust of this particular company. Believe me or not, there won't be so much negativity if you were acquired by The Foundry, or merged with SideFX or Pixologic! This is the point. We'll accept it, but it's very hard.

And you've actually jeopardized the content pipelines of many studios who trusted you and who invested a lot into making their content creating based on substance.
No pipeline has been jeopardized, nothing has changed, and all our studio clients who have contacted us about the news have only had positive things to say.
You can have reservations about the acquisition, but don't speak for other customers.

Nothing have changed at the moment. But with all respect, Jeremie, you can't guarantee that there won't be any serious changes initiated by Adobe in the future. And any assurance is just a phony, sorry.

UPD: Also I can add that reading Sebastian's article on Medium, I've realized that masterminds are bad managers actually. He's obviously sees this situation through rose-colored glasses...

We totally understand your fears, and we were expecting such reactions.
We chose to go and work with Adobe (nobody or nothing forced us to do this) because we truly believe this is the best move to still help rock the 3d world. We obviously talked a lot with Adobe people before doing this move, and we know that it's now our job to show you why we did it. We don't expect you to take any words for granting, this is by our actions that we will show you why we did it :)

Dear Nicolas, I'm really-really sorry but I can't help saying the following: if you truly believe in your words - you either too naive or too foolish, don't know (hopefully not greedy). And Allegorithmic is done. Just done! The problem is not about your best intentions and plans - but about the insanely great probability that what you've said will never happen - just keeping all Adobe's background and decisions in mind. You are no longer of control over your company, no matter what you say, you have bosses over bosses over you, shareholders and so on. And you've actually jeopardized the content pipelines of many studios who trusted you and who invested a lot into making their content creating based on substance. Not to mention, you've seriously undermined the community loyalty today. Time will show, but still this is the worst possible news from Allegorithmic one could ever expect.

UPD: And it's really sorry to read how proud you're to be kinda chosen by Adobe. This is just low self-esteem! You had genuinely masterminds in your team, incredibly talented persons! All these 21000 of Adobe a$$h**es are just nothing compared to your 140 guys! omg!

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