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My tablet model is Wacom Intuos Pro M PTH-660 (v1.5.0.0), driver version: 6.3.42-2
I have followed the advice on configuring pens and tablets to the letter, and the control panel options of course, but it hasn't fixed my issue.
I'm experiencing the "sticky slider" debacle and it's mind-numbingly distracting and annoying.
It occurs like this, i would click on a slider and then slide but nothing updates for a while and then suddenly pops to wherever it thinks my cursor is and all of this is random, how long it's stuck, it could be half a second to 3 or 4, or if it happens at all. Other times I would be adjusting a slider and suddenly it would just release the click itself... randomly.
I did a test with photoshop but with windows ink active, I get an eerily similar behavior when it comes to click and hold stuff.
It goes without saying that any other application works fine without windows ink, and that there's a separate pen profile for substance painter.
I sincerely hope for an immediate solution for this unnecessary problem.

I managed to reproduce the issue and we are looking into it. It seems to only happen when the slider is at its maximum or minimum value when you start moving it, and not all sliders are affected.
Dear Mr Noguer,
It's been quite a while since you mentioned that there are people looking into this slider problem... Any news or updates at this point would be just plain awesome. Thank you

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