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I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this, but I also hope it's an easy fix.

I'm an architect and I use export as bitmaps from Designer a lot in my process.

I keep tweaking my materials as I'm rendering in other software.

I also need to save disk space and save times while doing this and I'm not too much into closeups so I can live with sRGB color space, I don't need Raw.

There are two bugs in the export as bitmaps dialog:

1 - When I tick on export bitmaps when outputs change I get no automatic export;
2 - After configuring sRGB color space for all my channels, if I close the dialog after export and re-open it, all the color spaces have reverted back to default (raw)

I'm designing buildings and I now have a wooden panel component that repeats itself throughout the model.

In order to make that panel different I want to have the material that's applied to it random. I figured I need 10 material variations and so I want to export bitmaps from 10 different seeds of my graph.

I usually export bitmap outputs right after creating the graph in Designer and I figured out that the best method to create these variations is:
1 - Change the graph's seed number;
2 - Go to the export bitmap outputs window;
3 - Type the graph'ss seed number in between the $(graph) and $(identifier);
4 - Export;
5 - Repeat the process.

Here's a pic:

It's tedious work and should be simpler if:
- The seed would be possible to automatically insert in the name;
- We could batch export a given number of output seed variations.

Is this already possible?

Would it be possible to have it as a request?

I don't like guns yet I love every detail about these images. Great stuff!

Just wanted to drop by and thank your help Nicolas. Great support you guys... Congratulations!

This is sick Kay! Great job!

Hi Nicolas,

Thanks for your reply. I did contact you through the form, after I posted here.


I finally decided that I had to upgrade SD5 and SP1 and take advantage of the Black Friday discounts.

However, your shop doesn't accept my VAT number.

What happened was the following:

- I started by trying to upgrade my indie license for SP1, I inserted my country and VAT number;
- The cost was in dollars though I'm Portugal and the currency is €.
- When I proceeded it changed the cost to the SP1 Pro licence so it was from 50$+VAT to around 1000€+VAT;
- However I have a small architectural studio (I guess I can be seen as a cool indie architect) and the income is less than 100K. I went through the terms and they state that my conditions are eligible for an indie license (which was a relief as I couldn't justify the price for both Pro licenses...):

"Indie License" means a License to Use the Software granted to either a (i) an individual, being or not a professional user, or a commercial Legal entity, with Revenue not exceeding US$100,000 during the prior fiscal year or (ii) a non-profit or government Legal Entity.

- So I went back to the shop again, and now it doesn't accept my VAT and I can only proceed with the purchase without VAT.

I'd require the billing information to be correct so I can't procceed with the purchase and I will probably miss the discount for both painter and designer. I don't know how to get support anywhere else but through this forum so I'd thank if you could get me sorted out.

Thanks and best regards.

Love it!


Great stuff these light tests!

I tried this before (and failed) but I found that going with very big and softer brushes first and then slowly adding smaller brush strokes and harder, worked best for me. First global shapes, then smaller details. All on top of each other

Who cares about opacity anyway. It´s looking so cool!

This is an amazing job. Very detailed, intricate and insanelly well made.

You've not asked for but I can't get in and out of this thread without saying it, as I feel this could help you. The only thing that I would criticize is that overal the colors are a bit monotonous. There should be something more striking to make the image globally more appealing. My immediate thought was a red vest but I'm sure you'll have a better idea.

Anyway you should ignore me, I'm just passing by, I own Painter but never used it and just get very curious to see the things you guys come up with.

I like the face. Really!

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