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it seems to me that I can't use the OCS texture mapping inside rhino 7 mac if I direct import an SBAR material.
Will be an upgrade about this? thanks,Roy

I need support,
someone read my topic...?

Hi Wes,
I'm using the octane/modo plugin having an issue to use octane materials from the source website. The material in octane is black with some coloured strips. I've talked with Paul Kinnane that is the developer of the plugin who is using the 2.4 version where all works fine. He suggests me to contact the Allegorithmic support to ask what could be the problem. So I'm doing this, Thanks, Best regards, Roy

P.s. I attach my configuration, hoping not to need to go back to the 2.4 version of substance to use it with modo.

hi, I've downloaded and installed the lasts release of the substance for modo plugin. your installer and the installer from my modo user's account. in both case nothing happens inside modo. I mean I receive a message that the installation worked but then I can't see the kit inside modo...
I would like to try to eventually buy substance with the black friday discount that finish tomorrow..

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