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ok cool,, will do.

TDR Delay Crash when changing Height

Here's a video of what happens.

I spent some time trying to figure this out. Im not sure if this is correct but this is what I figured out so far.

So Im watching the new video series and Im on this video.

Im taking my model to UE4.

I did a short video asking my questions. Here is the video with my questions.

I must say Im really impressed with this series of videos. I requested some videos just like this from Substance and you guys pulled through. I cant thank you all enough. I havnt worked with painter for about 3 months now,, been studying UE4 BluePrints. 

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Re: Painter wish list
 on: November 02, 2015, 06:26:54 pm 
A maximize and minimize page button for all the tear out pages especially the shelf.

Hi Vincent thanks for the reply. Still the same for me with virus protection turned off. I separated some of my materials out and now its about 20 seconds. I wonder how guys who bought the data base do it? I wonder how long it  takes for 1000 materials to load up.

Ok cool . Ill have to separate some stuff, thanks for the reply.

I have noticed the more items I put in my shelf the longer it takes for the shelf to fully load all the icons. My shelf takes at least 5 minutes to load all the icons. Is this normal?   Win 10, 4g video card, 24g RAM, 12 core Xeon at 3.4   Thanks Chuck

yup, I have been checking all day and no new driver.

Would be nice if there was an easier way.

Thanks for the fast reply, you guys are the best. Sounds great, cant wait for the update! :)   

So Im following along the Substance in UE4 Youtube videos   I used all 4k maps in designer and under the UE4 material instance settings drop down the highest it goes is 2K. I found another thread on the forums here and they said a work around was to leave all your maps Absolute at 4K, I tried that and my maps come in UE4 at 2K still.
The process Wes does in the video series is just about over my head and I might have some noob setting or something I forgot or dont know about.  Am I doing something wrong or is the substance plugin maxed out at 2K. 
Thanks Chuck

If I dont launch Painter as Administrator it wont activate.

Thank You sir! That fixed it.

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