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It's still something I need to work on, but it's mostly complete on our end.

I'll need to check, but I'm not certain Modo supports 16 bit greyscale images. I'll see what we're doing, but if 16 bit isn't supported, we'll want to change it to upsample to 32-bit floats.

You might try changing the output to 32 float instead of 16 bit integer in the meantime.

I'll take a look at that then, it probably has nothing to do with network rendering in particular if it's happening locally.

This should be fixed in the next version of the plugin. There might be some rendering artifacts when running activeshade with 2.4.4, but it at least won't crash.

There are a few other topics that cover this, it is a conflict arising from the Houdini integration. The workaround for now would be to replace the substance_linker.dll (, libsubstance_linker.dylib) file in the Houdini install with the one from the maya plugin.

The Houdini engine integration in Maya ends up adding its substance binaries to the system path and a conflict happens from that.

There isn't anything we can fix on the maya plugin side, we'll need to work with sidefx to get it fixed on the Houdini side.

We sometimes build for the betas, but not always.

If in the future you want a build for one of the PR releases, if you can email me the PR you're using, then we can build for it and then put a post up on the Autodesk beta forum.

It has to render all the sbsars on load for now. I'll look at seeing if we can add a caching system to speed up load times in the future.

For referenced scenes, I'm not entirely sure, but I'll take a look at it. It may be that it doesn't import correctly. I'll take a look at see what I find.

I'd need to talk to Wes to get that set up, he set up the workflows for 3ds Max and set up our previous renderer guides.

Preferably we would alter the workflow scripts to operate on bitmaps like we can in Maya, but it will require me to redo the Substance to <Corona/Arnold/etc.> scripts.

I can take a look at it. What are you using for network rendering right now?

For network rendering, you might need to use bitmaps for now.

The apply workflow to maps button will accept any custom workflows made with sbsars using that feature. So you can bootstrap a new workflow using an sbsar with the map outputs you want. What you could do is create an sbsar from designer with the maps that you want to use, making sure the output usage is set correctly, then hook that up and use that feature to generate a workflow script to then use to work with the image maps you have.

These custom workflows will end up showing up in the apply workflows dialog.

There's a button for assigning all of them by name, where it tries to figure out from a file dialog selection what goes where.

Does this only happen in the newest version of VRay?

If you can tell us the version of VRay that you're using, then we can look at testing with it.

Arnold GPU isn't going to work with the plugin without a direct integration into Arnold and MaxtoA.

This is what we're working on now, although Maya is the first that will have that rolled out.

A simple hack would be to replace the substance_linker.dll in the houdini integration with the one that is in the Maya plugin.

That's a workaround though.

2.4.2 is out, there's just no forum post for it. We're working on a 2.4.3 but it won't have that much in it, updating to some changes in 3ds Max.

I'll take a look at the subanim issue.

For the workflow updates, I'll need to go back through, but it won't be as simple to just add. We already have done something similar, but it'll take time to do. I'll need to evaluate whether I can get what I need from 3ds Max's API.

You can look at the scripts, they don't really operate on a set of outputs, but directly from one sbsar. So I would definitely need to restructure them significantly.

This is a regression and will be in the next release coming out soon.

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