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How to delete SDResourceFolder using script?

outputnode=graph.getNodeFromId('1398596698')#this is output node

When I put this piece of code before the connection node,'print(outputnode.getPropertyValue(prop_))' can have a value, but in the paragraph after the connection node, it will display NONE

Substance Automation ToolkitSubstance Automation Toolkit - Discussions - using SAT?
 on: November 26, 2020, 04:27:20 am 
Excuse me, I want to control the Switch according to the program, change the Switch number every time, and then output a map. What is the basic idea of using SAT?

 use the Substance suite as a teacher - learning the program, not for teaching. If possible, please help me to activate it. I need to learn Substance Automation Toolkit, thank you

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