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Hey, I hope this isn't too late, since this was posted months ago....I had problems with the shiny too.  Here is what I found that works really well for me. 

I stuff a "Color Map" node between my roughness map and where it plugs in.  Then in the "Color Map"
Set the Gamma to 1.0
Change your gain to a level you like 1.0 = same  5.0 = pretty rough....the higher you get this number the rougher it will get
Uncheck - "Reverse Gamma"

This lets me keep my map, and dial the intensity of it up or down.  I hope this helps you our even more :)

Randell Trulson

I just purchased Max 2019 and wanted to try out substances.  I installed the substance plugin for 2018/2019  but when I run max there is no substance menu item, or anything to do with substance in the interface or materials editor for it.  Does the plugin work with the newest version of max?


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