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I have a model with about 50 tiles with existing textures I need to modify. I know I can import and manually apply let's say  diffuse.1001 to to 1001 etc, but can I do this to all tiles automatically? I think its possible in Designer.

I'm having a very buggy time trying render an animated SBSAR file. I can render it locally but when I send to our farm using Deadline the animation gets dropped and only the 1st frame on the animated SBSAR renders. In other words the SBSAR comes out completely static.
This also happens if I open my file and immediately hit render. I need to open the material editor for it to initialize or something. Very frustrating.
Anyone have similar issue?

I'm trying to create a star map with a very broad range of HDR. Right now if I want a color to go above 1 I have to manually input 3 into the R, G and B channels manually to get a white float value of 3.0.
Am I doing this wrong?
Is there an better way to increase or control float values?
Is there a node I'm missing?

I want to add points or have access to Sub Source for my company. Is there any way to add points or have access to the library independent of a subscription service? We have a bunch of licences.
My understanding is its $4000 for a yearly subscription? I'm not sure. The Source website is quite bare on information. 

Would be great to have this function. Right now I can't add a keyframe on a slider using the Substance2 plugin.  Is it possible?

I can't seem to get the correct color from the Substance2 plugin. My Base/Diffsuse Color gamma is looking all washed out. In the preview it looks fine but when applied to a material it washes out. This is after I run the Substance to Vray script to build the material.
What am I doing wrong? I can't attach an image.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Random Seed
 on: June 05, 2017, 08:33:32 pm 
Is it possible to do a random seed globally like in Designer?

We are having an issue at our company at the moment. We have many users referencing a shared shelf on our network.
It seems a new feature was added to release 2.5. "Shelf Lock"
" [Shelf] Lock shelves (and projects) to forbid concurrent editing and avoid corruptions "
It seems only one user at a time can create custom tools, brushes, smart materials etc.
Is there a way to disable this feature?

When I open a file the default is 256x256 which is fine in principal but Its often automatically saving over files that have already been output at a much higher res that may be being used by someone else or on a render job on a render farm. I have to run the whole graph at 8k  again which can take considerable time.
Is there a way to stop this apart from simply remembering to turn off "Auto Export" before I save?

I think other people have had this problem. I'm exporting maps to Unity and no mater what map type I export I cannot export the alpha channel.

I'm having an issue with the SP V-ray map export. It should convert any metallic areas to black (or v dark grey) on the diffuse map. I have to go back through my layers and convert the diffuse color to black but my understanding was that SP was meant to do this automatically. I was sure I had this working. Is there something I'm missing in perfecting the export for Vray material setup?

I'm pretty sure I was saving all day. My file crashed while exporting maps. When I opened up my saved file it was from very early today. Does SP have an autoback file? If so where?

Is it possible to update a model mid-workflow?
I know I can save all my layers as a smart material and re-apply to individual texture sets.
If I save over  a model in Designer it automatically updates.

I've searched the forums and can't find an answer. is there a shortcut key to change the brushsize, flow etc?

I'm having this problem at home and at work. As soon as I start to bake something, crash.
At home I have an Nvidia Quadro 4000 w latest drivers and work I have a GTX 780 I think.
Also Painter 1.6 crashes also as soon as I try and open a file. Painter 1.5 works fine.

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