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Just a quick suggestion - it's nice having launcher as a one stop shop to all Substances, I'd like to see Substance Share added to the launch list!


Hi folks, in the past I've mostly used Substance Painter, but recently I wanted to get more usage out of Designer, especially since all the great new additions that have been added in the v5 series.

I've been focusing on finishing the texturing in Designer for a particular model, and I started noticing when working with either the Height or Normal channel inputs on a base material, that even though the connections were correct for the Height (gray to gray), or the Normal (orange to orange), the connections would remain dashed when hovering over the target input node - examples:

Can't connect Height:

Can't connect Normal (but the Transform 2D connects wo/issue??):

Before posting, a bulb went off in my head to switch the link mode from collapsed to standard and then the connections worked as expected:

At that point I was not going to post this question, but then figured I'd ask anyway if that is the expected behavior, or was this actually a bug due to the connection mode being collapsed?



I would instantly buy something similar to Grand Designer for Substance Designer!

Of even better if would be great if perhaps some tutorials on how to accomplish similar could be posted!

There are a LOT of Planet designers out there - we are Legion!


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