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I'm getting the same error trying to convert to Corona Materials.

I installed the substance plugin (2.2.0) for 3Ds Max 2020, and I'm getting this error when loading a substance and selecting Substance -> Substance to Corona (or any other renderer).

MAXScript FileIn Exception
-- Unknown propery: "reference" in SubAnim:Node

Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Good to hear, thanks for the update. :)

Same issue here. The material does not update in my render or material preview render if I change something like base colour of the material.

However, if I change a parameter like the pattern type of a floor material, the base colour updates correctly in the render.

Also, I don't know if this is part of the same issue, but sometimes when making changes to the substance material, the interactive render stops and does not update until I restart it - that makes it more time consuming to make small changes.

Has nobody looked into this?

Same problem here! Can't get past loading animation or log in.

Substance in UE4

Similar issue here - pressure sensitivity works in Photoshop, but not in Substance Painter (preview or viewport).

Also, there is a strange issue in the brush preview dialog, where I have to click and drag a certain distance in order for the sliders to function (size, flow, etc) - once I've dragged a certain distance, the slider will function properly until I let go. With a mouse, it works as expected.

Wacom PTH-680, driver version 6.3.32-4

Just updated Substance Painter, and it did not work in previous version either.

Substance Painter, version 2018.3.2
Build 2768 - 0a2e942878082829e3329766252c570e3b320255

--- UPDATE ---

Completely removed all Wacom drivers and utilities and reinstalled latest driver, and now everything works perfectly. :)

In case it may help other Wacom users, I should mention what other things I have done to make my tablet work properly in Windows 10:

- Used a utility called FixMyPen (you can find it on GitHub)
- Disabled Windows Ink in Wacom Tablet Properties - Mapping
- Reduced Tip Double Click Distance in Wacom Tablet Properties - Pen

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