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SubstanceSubstance - Meet MAT 2 Contest - Re: Meet MAT 2 contest FAQ
 on: February 09, 2020, 07:00:35 pm 
Hello. As above I have similar problem. I just talked to a friend and he told me that after uploading he got links to his images. But as I uploaded it i didnt have any. How can i check if my submission is not empty? I am at work currently and not sure what to do :(
Ok I had a very quick response from Marine in e-mails. Submission looks good :)

ya me to, after i submit the file i just received thanks for participating to the MeetMat 2 Texturing contest, did't get any link , its ok and seem like that, or i failed to send the file?
I have the same situation :O

Really neat use of the pedestal. 

But my 2 cents, the pocket on the bowling shirt looks a little weird.  You probably can add the hand holes of the bowling ball asymmetrical.  And if you want to add a bit more character, since you have the space, you can add some graffiti and/or red paint, on the hands like a tattoo.

Thanks for the feedback! :D
Gonna keep that in mind when I have time again and can sit down at it again.

SubstanceSubstance - Meet MAT 2 Contest - Re: Meet Mat 2: ORIGAMI MAT
 on: January 23, 2020, 10:40:49 pm 
Holy :O .... your work with height / displacement is amazing!! This is just awesome :D

Really like the idea and am thrilled for how you gonna approach this! :D

Finished up my first batch of renders. :D Those are mostly for some safety ... that I won't miss the deadline.

There's still some things I want to change / add, but I'm gonna think about it for now and take a little break. Let's see how I like those renderings when I come back to this project early next week (or maybe even on Sunday :3)

Great idea! I love the assist bars on the sides XD

Haha thank you! :D They are mostly there, cause I'm really terrible at bowling and can relate to their use ... also cause I thought the base needed a bit more. ;D

Heya all, I’m kinda late to the party, since I’m almost done with my MAT … but I decided to share a couple of my WIPs and experiences anyway. :D
Some of you might already know some images in this thread … I posted them over on Twitter with #MeetMAT2 or in the Substance Discord server. Feedback is nonetheless always welcome!

Before we get into how ‘Keeper of the Alley’ was born … here is one of my current test renderings.

The Start
Starting on the challenge was by far the most difficult part … I had a couple of ideas floating around my head, but decided to start out with a little joke, since I couldn’t finalise any of them.

It was really puzzling my mind on how and where to start. :3

Here are some of my discarded ideas: MATsweeper (Minesweeper), Cute OnionMAT, LegoMAT, CornMAT (basically a farmer with grilled corn as it’s head xD) … and many more, which are not even worth mentioning.

Finally one idea was kinda set in my head … KigurumiMAT, basically I wanted to put MAT into one of those animal onesies, complete with ears, tail, etc…
Starting on this I had loads of fun. Mostly exploring how to be efficient about drawing organic height and displacements shape directly onto MAT himself. I hit a roadblock though. The result was never satisfying and the failures quickly resulted in some kind of frustration. At this point I realised I would need a break, grabbed a beer and didn’t touch the project until the next day.
After a bit more exploring with shapes and testing out different methods … I agreed with myself and looked into other ideas … My prime objective was to have fun with this! :D

Here you see the results of my experiments with ‘KigurumiMAT’

The TRUE Start
After collecting my thoughts again I went ahead and started writing down more details about my other ideas. To make it short … the bowling ball MAT won! And I’m glad I chose him. ;D

Working on this idea was a whole new boost of motivation, a nice breeze in my sails. The first WIP I shared on Twitter has a stunning 13.510 impressions and almost 600 engagements (at the time of writing this, that's a span of 2-3 days) … honestly, this gave me the final push to keep working and try to finish it, thanks to the wholesome community for this! ♥

I actually took 2 days of paid vacation to have an extra long weekend for this contest … but more importantly was that I had / have a lot of fun and learned / learn a lot through this challenge, helping others and getting feedback!

The second WIP was shared on Twitter and on Discord. And just like the first post, it pushed me hard again! I honestly can’t thank the community enough for this. :D
I refined some shapes and added most of the details for this one, but he was still lacking something. The good thing: I had more time to be fully dedicated to the challenge … so I just took a break. I can’t stretch enough how important breaks are!

In the meanwhile I added some more details, refined some more shapes and cleaned the whole project up (a bit). Currently I’m kinda stuck doing rendering tests … the most boring part, but definitely the most rewarding one. :D

I will share my final renderings here, on Twitter and probably on the Discord server. So stay tuned and have fun creating your MATs. I can’t wait to see all the final submissions! Also ... sorry for this 'wall of text' :P

SubstanceSubstance - Meet MAT 2 Contest - Re: Meet MAT 2 contest FAQ
 on: January 21, 2020, 04:10:24 pm 
Should the submission renderings be free of any logos (meet mat 2) and artist information?
Just wondering, cause if so I would match those extras only to the images I plan to show in my portfolio. :D

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