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If there is no $$ penalty for getting on and off of maintenance than this is a great model. I too was alarmed when I first saw the emails, and wanted to know if I still had access to my software (owned it still) if maintenance lapsed.

I don't know I buy that there is more clarity with buying 12 months of time. Right now I buy SP 2.0.. I know based on past development that I'll likely get all the way to 2.5,2.6, maybe even 2.7 for my money and there will by major updates in there (getting 18 months for 75$ BTW). With the 12 months who's to say what makes it into that time frame especially the way everyone is being corralled into the same renew dates. It certainly gives Alleg the power to hold back a big feature till after those dates when 99% of ppls renewals come up at the same time.

Its interesting. And in time the renewals will space out.. Anyways its a business, we want them to do well, its a smart plan, and spaces income etc.

In Houdini 16 there are guides that are active as you place nodes (much like photoshop with the pink alignment hints) which help to line them up vertically or horizontally to close by nodes. I have found this super useful to make nicer looking graphs as I go. Houdini has had "post" clean up tools buttons for years and I find keeping it clean as you go much better.

OK Cool. I think I was expecting to see the option when I right-click on the node like in other apps.

Oki thanks for the feedback, this i very relevant, and definitely something we could improve.

Awesome, thanks Vincent.

I guess I am asking for a Suite of looks/tools :) .. not a one-off. It could take a very long time to try an make any one of these in SD, if possible at all currently, only to find this isn't the one. The complexity barrier needs to come down.

If I was to pick two, E and I are interesting. The left side of the image is the current Albedo. So As you can see I can make artistic looks in other tools, but its totally destructive, and needs to be done to each image map (diffuse, normal, ao, spec, gloss, height etc).. not in unison like you can in SD by putting the process at end of your chain.

The ideal approach to this is probably not to make some.. "Picasso node", but to make a modular set of nodes, brush stroke, paper tooth, pigment bleeding/transfer, line/stroke effects.. as modular building blocks to build looks with.

Here is a thread about an animated "Starry Night" image.

Emulating an artistic brush stroke via any automation seems to be a very lofty goal.  I've seem some work done via "machine learning" that takes a photograph and turns it into a "painting" in one of several artistic styles.  But that is a technology totally separated from anything Designer does.

I'm not saying it's impossible, but I think you have a Herculean task.  Hopefully the "vector maps" mentioned in the thread I linked to, along with warp nodes, can get you started.

If anyone has any success, it would be fun to see examples.

I have dabbled with writing my own "Artistic Style Transfer" app myself with Keras and VGG16 to some success, but thats not what I'm asking. And Allegorthimic has been looking at this space too AFAIK. I am not looking to "copy" a particular artist. I am asking for tools (nodes).. to do fairly pedestrian stuff like emulate paint strokes, or cross hatching, or crayon etc. Right now we basically have noises and warps, and that mostly gives you frosted glass, and psychedelic effects :)  Arvin Moses was doing some interesting stuff a few years ago on the more cartoony side, but it doesn't seem like there has been any movement on the Allegorthimic side to try and achieve better results or lower the complexity.

Right, but this is the SD forum. I want to make procedural materials that look hand authored (or just look like traditional materials - brush strokes, cross hatching etc), not have to use painter and therefore require minutes to hours for every change and tweak.

Non-photo real rendering seems to be a real blindspot in the substance toolset (both SP and SD). The substance toolset is not there yet if I want to do hand painted looking, stylized work. I need to stick to Mari (with .abr support), and better painting performance and controls. Or Filter forge to get nice hand crafted looks. It is easy to see by the lack of stylized artwork in the gallery and on substance share that doing stylized work with SD is extremely challenging and complex, if even possible to achieve certain results.

Please put out tutorials on making painterly, and drawn type materials with substance designer because I don't see examples of this, or I see just very acid trip results with warps. Please make dedicated filters/nodes to get paint stroke looks, pencils, water colours etc.. there is a world beyond photoreal, procedural texturing could benefit from. 

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Feature Requests - Better UX in SD
 on: March 24, 2017, 05:04:15 pm 
I use Houdini a lot so it pains me a bit how limited the behaviours are in SD.

Please add a flag on nodes to disable them, so we aren't limited to undo-redo to do A/B compares.

How about shaking a node to unconnected it?

Ability to drag a node over a connection link and have it auto connect itself.

A more prominent render flag - red vs.. white.. to indicated where in the graph from distance you are viewing.

Would also be nice if when using spacebar to bring up the nodes list.. the were grouped by category, with subfolders. Vs having to type out a name 99% of the time.. it hurts discovery a bit since you can't stumble upon other options in that menu, you need to use the library to see all the noise options for example.

I would like to be able to export an image from any node in my SD graph.. not just the end outputs. There are lots of happy accidents along the way, not just at the end.

I could also see "cooking" off parts of a graph you are happy with so you are not computing from node A to node Z . Or just to quickly make variation branches.

I used up all my votes, probably years ago so I cannot post new ideas etc on uservoice.. any chance that system ever resets and gives you votes again after some span of time?

Haven't used SD recently so don't know if its 5.5.1 or OSX.. I recently updated from 10.9.5 to 10.11.6 . All I know is that SD 5.5.1 interface feels very sluggish. Panning the node graph is very laggy. Clicking on buttons, or right-clicking things takes a good second for things to happen. Any ideas? 

* BTW this is with any empty scene.. with nothing but the 3 output nodes..  diff, normal, spec.. so nothing crazy going on.

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