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ahh thanks Fabian, i dont suppose there is a cheaper way to upgrate from B2m to B2m3? as thats what im missing. and sure froyo ill send it over now

Also, while I'm here, since i have all 3 softwares does that not mean i should be able to get live or do i need to do something else?

not sure about the others. but the ones that set it off were the belt leather, elegant fabric and painted metal.

OK so i stopped being lazy and took a look at this myself.
looks like some old custom substance files (specifically the elegant fabric and painted metals from here: are crashing Substance painter. do you guys know why? for now i pulled them out of the directory and put them in their own folder, but it might be good to know what is causing it to crash?

is it likely to be an update to the software that broke it? it just seems to have died all on its own

yup. :) thanks btw. i wouldnt be so pushy i just have some stuff isd really like to get done :)

any ideas?

normally this is installed on my D drive but the crash seems to have been for the same reason? so im guessing this should work just as well.

i got it to boot just the once by uninstalling it from my HDD and putting it on my SSD but after the first time it did the same thing and crashed each time i tried to open it.

any ideas? it was working about a week ago? its kind of holding me up atm...

at launch. just from starting either in steam or as a stand alone install..

Hi i opened SP last night only to see it crash once it has loaded. i cant to anything before it kicks me back to my desktop. i sent a bug report when it happened but its still doing the same thing, any idea how to make it work?

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