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cool, sorry to have been such a pain!

the thing that is confusing me is why the report system isnt working..

OK, i have NO idea how i did it. but i removed everything that SP was loading. every .sbs and .sbar file and moved it somewhere else. now when i load in a new folder and use it as a shelf everything works...
might be worth adding some sort of file in SP like a config file that lets you remove any references that SP is making to files other than the ones it installs its self.

and there was nothing in the log to indicate why it was crashing?

do you guys have any ideas? ive deleted all the local folders, ive cleared out the shelf data that i could actually access. i cant figure it out...

 i cant open the program.

i renamed the whole "substance painter" folder in the documents folder that holds all that stuff. so it made a new clean folder. so it should therefore have cleared it out. if i had made a custom shelf how would i get rid of it (i dont think i had but just in case).

how weird. i wonder why its not sending.
here is the log file

ok, just tried again. this time using the standalone version rather than the steam version.
just so you know i cleared out the shelf etc. and both the steam and standalone versions are crashing.

hahah, nope. ill try again. i wonder why you are not getting them....

Sent another report just now. it said sent on the dialogue box so you should get it?

still cant get SP to start, i sent a PM froyok, still not got a crash report?

Hi guys,

I have returned once more with the same issue i have had numerous times before. SP crashes on startup. it worked fine before being updated to the latest version. something that changed in SP is now killing it on startup. i sent off a crash report.

aye. spent all day in SD making use of this.

you sir are a legend. thats spectacular.

i think this might warrant putting on some sort of sticky thread?

haha, had a feeling you were going to say that.  yeah, i could just make it so that my uvs are all aligned left-right, its just a bit of a waste of UV space. my other plan would be to scale them down a little and have basically a 2048 map and have my uv positioned right left within each quater of the 0-1 UV space. that way when im done i can go into SD and just use a transform uv then scale it and offset it, so i can be as exact as possible.

OK so heres an interesting problem. im building an environment and i really need the textures to be seamless at they run left to right (top to bottom not so much. the problem i have however is that i have the UVs packed in pretty tight, so while the diferent parts have unique materials the UVs themselves are on the same sheet. is there any way to get a specific area to tile?  the UV map here is basically the sort of thing i need to tile. could i say create a mask and tell the masked area to tile or anything even vaguely like that?

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