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Hi guys,

I have returned once more with the same issue i have had numerous times before. SP crashes on startup. it worked fine before being updated to the latest version. something that changed in SP is now killing it on startup. i sent off a crash report.

OK so heres an interesting problem. im building an environment and i really need the textures to be seamless at they run left to right (top to bottom not so much. the problem i have however is that i have the UVs packed in pretty tight, so while the diferent parts have unique materials the UVs themselves are on the same sheet. is there any way to get a specific area to tile?  the UV map here is basically the sort of thing i need to tile. could i say create a mask and tell the masked area to tile or anything even vaguely like that?

Hi i opened SP last night only to see it crash once it has loaded. i cant to anything before it kicks me back to my desktop. i sent a bug report when it happened but its still doing the same thing, any idea how to make it work?

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