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Hi there,
Here is a guide to render identical images with Iray (compare to Substance Painter) in Maya.
Unfortunately it's not as simple as it should, because of the limited Iray integration in Maya.
This is one solution, I tried to do this as simple as possible.

Substance Painter export settings:
- The PBR MetalRough is almost perfect. You just need to change the Normal map type to OpenGL.

- Assign an ifmMDLMaterial to your geometry
- Change the type to physically_metallic_roughness
- Now you can connect the textures

Connections and additional nodes:
- Base Color: You can connect directly into Base Color/Diffuse
- Metallic: You have to use a Float Correction node with gamma 2.2 than connect to the Metallic slot.
- Normal: You have to create an ifmNormalMapping node, it automatically creates a Gamma node (with 2.2) as well. Connect the File node into the Gamma node, than the ifmNormalMapping node into the Normal slot.
- Roughness: You have to use a Float Correction node with gamma 2.2 than connect to the Roughness slot.

The Hypershade can't show the connections, don't panic. :)
The additional nodes are needed because Iray doesn't understand Maya's Color Management system. :(

Here are some images about this:


Lee Perry-Smith’s free head model (Infinite-Realities).


I created the new version of the conversion tree for Maya 2017 and Arnold.

You can download it from here:

Detailed instructions:

Cheers, D

Sketchfab version:
I just textuerd this great model.

Original model created by Jesse Sandifer

Cheers, D

Hi there,

I created two scene one for MILA and one for mia_material.
Each have a node tree which convert Albedo/Metallic/Roughness textures to Diffuse/Secular/Glossiness (with MILA of course Roughness) inputs.

This is useful mainly for new (updated) Substance plug-in generated textures and other A/M/R texture inputs.

Four scene file (Maya 2016 .mb and .ma formats)
HDR image for the IBL
sifi.sbsar file in the assets folder (downloaded from the Substance Share site)
Textures created by the Substance plug-in

Make sure you always set the non color input textures types (normal, bump, roughness, IOR, etc.) to RAW (instead of sRGB) and use the color management system of course.

"Empty" files which you can import into your scene and make the input texture connections:

Cheers, D

Hi there,

I created a shader tree to convert albedo/metallic/roughness outputs to Arnold standard shader inputs.
You can download the project here:

Test scene content:
a few mesh
substance (sbsar file from

Arnold's color management settings:
Display Driver gamma: 1
Lights: 1
Shaders: 1
Textures: 2.2

More info about that:

I used a ramp node to convert the metallic map into an IOR map. (Please use Fresnel everywhere. This is far more accurate than reflectance at normal workflow.)
lowest value: about 1.5
highest value: 13 (silver)

Don't forget to update you Substance plug-in!

Cheers, D

Substance Integrations - Autodesk Maya - Color managed files
 on: October 21, 2015, 08:53:48 am 
Hi everyone!
This is a modified version of the main substance script.
When you use the auto bake feature now it creates color managed file nodes where necessary.
Just replace the original mel file.
You can find it in the "Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2016\plug-ins\substance\scripts" folder.
Cheers, D

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