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Actually using the DirectX Shader and applying Stingray PBS material will help you to achieve 1:1 between Substance Painter viewport and 3ds Max Viewport.

This is the Metallic Roughness Workflow.

Here is a 3 part tutorial: This series will help to understand the overall workflow.

After that, you can compare the substance viewport screen and 3ds Max viewport for a closer look. Only thing will be different is the lighting, because Substance painter doesn't have lighting in the viewport, it just derives it from the HDRI exr environment image files.

Try and let us know.

Yes, We do have a substance Designer, B2M and Source license as well in our subscription. So yes, I will be able to use Designer. But can you please direct me or guide me through the right steps or the Tutorial?

Hello Community members,

I have modeled a High-poly object and unwrapped the High-poly object, then imported this High-poly object into substance painter and finished texturing.

However, I would like to bring in my low-poly object into substance painter and then transfer the high-poly Texture information to the low-poly. How best I can do it to retain my Metalic, Roughness information??

Awesome !! That totally helped me out. Thank you very much. The tutorial provided by Subtance Designer was done in older version, so they have made changes and it is quite hard to follow for newbies like me. Thank you so your kind help.

It depends on your technique and workflow to get those maps. There will be a marginal difference, but not major difference.
My old pipeline used to be like
Pipeline One :
Modeling in Maya/Max > Lowpoly>Highpoly>Take it into Xnormals> Bake Normals and other maps >I use photoshop as well.

Pipeline Two:
Modeling in Maya/Max>Lowpoly>Zbrush>Highpoly>Topogun>Lowpoly>Again Xnormals/Zbrush to bake maps>Photoshop to fix minor issues or adjustments.

Current workflow
Modleing in Max> Take both low & High res into Substance painter > Bake inside susbtance> Generate all map in one application.

When I am not satisfied with the result, I go try Xnormals, 3ds Max cage and whatever possible available option. All those methods are not time consuming. End of the day be your own judge to compare the result.

For ease of use, I stick to a pipeline.

Hello Community members,

When I try using a blend node function, I After connecting the foreground, my background is getting disabled. And If I try connecting the backfirst and then my foreground is getting disabled. I am following the tutorial as I am new to Substance Designer.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - CUBE MAP Generation
 on: January 11, 2018, 08:49:04 pm 
Hello Allegorithimic,

It would be nice to have a plug-in or tools of some sort with in the Substance painter to generate a cube map of our asset. Currently I am working on a Stadium like architecture, which is made of lime-stone kind of material for 80% of it, but it also has few other materials from the substance library. Unfortunately, Substance cannot render a cubemap for me to use this within unity. It would be totally nice to have a Cubemap generator, so we can use it in the game engine.

Thank you,

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