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Oh hey I never posted my final renders

Woah, both the idea and realization are quite awesome, congrats.
(Wouldn't be surprised if you were on the podium)

The model is so heavy I just can't upload it on sketchfab without putting all textures in 1K max, a shame really, when I worked in 4K.

There are mentions of a free premium account for contest participants but I have absolutely no clue on how to get it, help would be appreciated

Yeah rendering in 4K takes a pretty heavy toll on your computer, I had to do my renders at work, my personnal computer ain't up to the task (even tho I have a slightly better one than yours, spec wise)

Looks promising, man I wish I had you idea of putting headlights in the air intakes.

That's gross.

And quite cool, looking forward to see more

Thanks :>
It took me a while and gave me an excuse to learn how to work with anchor points, I'll post screenshots later.

Reworked a bit the stickers and the sponsors (forgot the X-taon logo tho) so here, have some quick and dirty renders :

Added rivets and sponsor then bathed in mud :

You need to make glitched renders for the bonus pictures, like VHS corruption as you can see in hotline

IMHO the snow covered one was the best looking one, seconded bu the mud covered one. Although the clean one is more in the theme of a show car.

Though choice

The black and red one is my fave so far, looking good :>

Ooooh I like it a lot. A nice american WW2 plane themed car to go against my BF109 themed one.

That's actually a pretty great idea to use sponsors logos, congrats.

Looks awesome, really dig the gold and black color scheme

Some progress :

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