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is there a way to get my substance 3d view settings to stick. i have to set it up everytime. it's a bit of a PItA.
thanks in advance

Does anyone know of a bulk or automated way to import a bunch of substance source files into 3dsmax2018
I'm looking for the fastest way to get sbar and sbs files made into vray materials.

thanks in advance

Are we getting an updated compile of the Substance Installer?

Currently the silent mode does not work, which forced us to manually install on our farm.

We've also noticed non of the installed files on windows are signed or have versions attached to them, which breaks our ability to ensure our farm is all on the same version of everything.

We check versioning on Windows with the standard dotNetClass FileVersionInfo class

Maxscript check:
   DNfileVer = dotNetClass "System.Diagnostics.FileVersionInfo"
   FVI =(DNfileVer.GetVersionInfo ((getDir #maxRoot)+"Plugins\\SubstanceMax2018.dlt") )

FVI.FileVersion should have the version


got it!

I'm looking to have some substances made and was wondering the going rate is.
Ultimately i would like this library made

thanks in advance

Thanks, please let us know when the install has a working silent switch.  There is one registered but it does not work.

In the meantime, if one paths the installer to a new empty folder you'll get the structure and all the files you need to copy into your Max Install.

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