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I am in this process as well, and have been using Datasmith since its early private beta days.  My workflow has been Modeling and Vray texturing/lighting in Max then datasmith into Unreal where I tweak lighting and replace materials as I see fit.  I tend to use Substance in UE over making traditional UE materials as I am new to UE and still learning all the back ends.  The UE integrated Substance plugin via Unreal Studio I have found to be far more reliable than the Max plugin.

I am in a large architectural firm so my workflow will eventually (I hope) become, Revit from the architectural teams, Linked to Max, Texturing/vray lights for traditional renders, linked via Datasmith when needing to go to UE.  The benefit of Datasmith is it in the background is optimizing your meshes for Game Engine getting rid of unneeded faces and such.  I have a large library of already build high-poly models and I don't have the time or resources to spend optimizing and converting them for UE.

Yeah I would say your system shouldnt be a problem.  I have an I7 64Gb Ram 2x 1070 cards at home and it runs fine.  But its crashing my office machine which was a 6core Xeon, 64gb RAM and at the time a crappy Quadro K2000, which IT changed out for a Quadro M4000 because it was in a machine not being used and still had issues.

This is happening to me a lot as well.  I had assumed it was my work computer which is really old and out of date.  It was not happening on my new personal workstation.  This morning while trying to open a file containing substances on my laptop I got the error below in the screen cap.

yup happening with me as well, I'd really like to know more about this as well.

hey Nicolas

Just wanted to update you that today things are downloading fine from the web.  Not sure what caused it to have that error.

I had it was everyone one that I tried.  Now that I am home, they are downloading fine on my home computer.  Could it be s firewall/antivirus issue with my office's computers?

Hey guys

I cant download from the actual website version of substance source.  I click I substance to download and get the attached error.  It now says I own it but its not letting me actually download it to my PC.  This is on Chrome.  I tried on IE out of desperation and the site looks all messed up on IE.  (still on Win7 at work)



Using the new plugin pretty much successfully but I have found an issue that on some materials downloaded from Substance Source when you go up to the Substance menu and click Substance to Vray not all the Substances are linking nodes into the Vray material.  If you look at the attachment the one on the top is the "Bond Variations" and as you can see the substance is there and the vray material is there but the nodes inbetween are not. Where as the material below worked correctly.  I also found that the "glass clear" is also not working.


Substance Integrations - UE4 - Re: UE 4.19 compatibilty
 on: March 02, 2018, 09:19:32 pm 
awesome!  I've also experienced the 4.18.3 version crash out trying to package to HTML5 any chance that's going to be all fixed up as well?  ;)


Substance Integrations - UE4 - UE 4.19 compatibilty
 on: March 02, 2018, 05:56:40 pm 
Hey there.

Just wondering if there is any timeline on a plugin update for the 4.19 editor?  I have a test project that I want to put through its paces in 4.19  but its loaded with substance materials via the plugin from 4.18.3




Last month I changed from Perpetual License to subscription to take advantage of Substance Source.  My downloads for this month are not showing up.  Is the 30 per month limit calendar month or monthly based on enrollment?



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