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When I go to Tools (top right) and choose Export to pdf, I get an 'oops - error page'

the same happens with the other apps' documentation>

OK, and thanks for your answer.
Problems solved.

One question though: why not ask the webdesigner to remove that line? It *is* an unexpected shock.

THird : In another thread here it is said that the Modo (bridge) plugin can be downloaded fro the account page.
I see none.

This is not that urgent as I intend to start learning the app and install that plugin when out of beta - I think the hrudle to take learning the soft is enough for me and will leave beta-ing to the experienced users - but I do would like to know where to find it.

Second : I can download the apps and the substances from my account, but painter has no .exe or whatever attached to it and is saved as 'all files' , making it, my guess, unuseable.

This is not exactly a good start gentlemen.


I have just bought a license for the Indie pack which I'll be using with Modo 801 - more on this later - but at the checkout page after returning from PayPal, I get this message stating that, quote :

' We have not been able to find a valid license for the product you bought. Please contact the site administrator. '

Must say this comes as a bit of a shock, and I don't know what to do with it or how to interpret it.

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