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I've noticed that there are some achievements to gain in Steam, that are not fair in my opinion:

1.) "Sorry" - first crash report
2.) "Bug Invasion" - 10th bug report

From what I understand to get these achievements the program have to be broken or not working like it should do.
The problem is, I never had any problems with Substance Painter, the program does what I want it to do, and it should.

Anybody here knows how to crash the program?
Maybe a weird question, lol.

Kind regards,


I'm new at this, so I might do something wrong.
I just upgraded my indie version of B2M3 to the Pro version.
I opened Maya LT 2015 for a quick try-out.
When Maya was started I enabled the substance plugin.
Then I tried to follow the tutorial on

I created a substance material and loaded the Bitmap2Material_3.sbsar file
Then I added a texture file in the main input.
The problem is, it seems to only generate the normal map.
Everything else stays gray. Tried to refresh swatches but nothing happens.
I tried it in Hypershade and in node-editor with same results.

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