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in SP,

in unity

the maps seem to bake badly, or maybe its working as intended and im doing something wrong?

[ResourceImage] Failed to save image at file:///C:/Users/john/Documents/Towerlands/scenes/Characters/Red Rusalka/Red Rusalka02_autosave_1.spp/resources/aba233598859cfb6b4e539afe7f553c7fdc03936.image: Invalid resource image

[Project] Failed to save project to 'C:/Users/john/Documents/Towerlands/scenes/Characters/Red Rusalka/Red Rusalka02_autosave_1.spp'

[Project management] Save failed - this is unusual, check previous messages for more information

I am unable to save, and when i try to save my prevoius save dissapears from its file list.

hmmm, good idea, but all chrome, edge and firefox give the same result.

I have the Substance Suite subscription, I go to to upgrade to the latest version, and just get this
Any help on how to upgrade to the latest version would be appreciated.

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