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Any answer to this?
I'm interested also.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: Saving problem
 on: January 05, 2019, 08:48:36 pm 
I've also had this saving error.
Did the scene used to save correctly?
And if so, did this start happening when you updated the mesh?

My issue started once I updated to a new mesh. The mesh wasn't from my company and was not particularly clean. It was basically auto UV'ed.
I tracked the issue down to a single combined piece but couldn't isolate the issue further. The combined piece would save by it self, but wouldn't save with some other parts. I tried moving UV's, running maya geo checks etc. I tried uncombining the geo to try and find a specific piece. It was a 700MB mesh and time was running out so I had to split the scene into 2, where it would then save.
My hunch was it was UV related some how.
I'm curious to know what caused your file not to save.

I can assign one but how about assigning more?

This is an essential missing feature.
Its right up there with the features I look out for in updates.
This alone will make Painter far more usable and consistent within larger pipelines.

Keeping the fingers crossed for the next update

I'm currently evaluating Painter. I have a multiple UDIM asset (20+ UDIM's) that is mostly 1 material. The instantiated layers work great to begin with. However, procedural methods only get you so far. I'm now needing to go in and paint masks to reveal and hide elements of the created instanced material on many UDIMs (add scratches where there would be mechanical wear or remove rust etc). As far as i can see, I only have this ability on the master material layer's UDIM? As the instantiated Layers are a closed box and uneditable? And I can't seem to find a way of painting on multiple UDIMs with a single paint effect node?

If the only work around would be to copy the material stack to the other UDIMs, this would render the Instantiated layer function a bit redundant and Painter back to square one on UDIM support I'd be very sorry to say?

Any help would be very appreciated.

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