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I am currently working on building a graph that I can plug textures into Scumbrella's Trim Sheet Generator, and am accomplishing this through multi-blend nodes (from Substance Share.) The material preview looks great, and renders the whole texture. On export, however, the base color is missing the bottom part of the trim sheet. In this instance, it is a trim sheet of just two materials (but the graph should support the max that the multi material blend can blend, which is 10, for future trim sheets.)

Google Drive ZIP (with dependencies)


I'm fairly new to using Substance Designer (I've mostly stuck to Painter,) but wanted to use it to generate some trim sheet textures for film pre-visualization. I've purchased the full version of "Ultimate Trim Generator" from Scumbrella, which is a great starting point for creating masks for each of the areas on the trim sheet and a beveled normal to blend with the texture's normals for final output... but I cannot wrap my head around the graph setup for combining masked textures into one texture.

At the moment, it's a giant, unwieldy tree of blend nodes (and only blend nodes) to get what I want. But, there has to be an easier method I'm missing. Basically, I want to be able to swap textures into the masks that this plugin generates, and have the textures easily swappable.

Coming from the leftmost node are the masks (uppermost portion, portion below that, and portion below that.) They are just black and white masks. I have plugged them into the first blend nodes' masking input. From there, I can't figure out how to reduce the insane amount of blend nodes on the right now that I have each texture masked to occupy its correct space, but separate (if that makes sense.) I need to combine these to the final output.



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