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The image attached will explain better.  I have the blend node double-clicked, then clicked the 2d transform once - you can see the small circle of the gizmo showing up on top of white (1) value, but the rest of the gizmo isn't rendering on top of 0.5 grey value.  Now try and find the scale handles :]

I've created a substance in Designer with the above parameter type.  When importing it into Painter, it's not visible at all.  What gives?
I've noticed that some shipped filters use this type of parameter, see Warp for example.

I suggested this on Discord, but thought it might be a good idea to post it here as well.

Right now there is no way to copy paste an individual layer from the mask stack, there is also no way to duplicate a layer applied in the stack.  You can only copy the whole stack and paste it on a new paint / fill layer.
This would be a tremendous time saver!

Attached some picture to better illustrate

I'm trying to create some filters that require a drop down list type of selection, when I expose the parameter in Designer, it doesn't show up in Painter.  But I saw some filters by Allegorithmic that have this function, such as the Warp filter.  There are 2 drop down lists exposed there.
How is that being done?

Also, I'd like to add, it would be very very useful as an educational material that Allegorithmic share some of these filters on Substance Share, so we can reverse engineer them and better understand on how to create complex filters.

Thanks for the help guys!

Usually when I install updates, the installer recognizes previous versions and installs in the same directory, but this version (5.5.3) isn't.

Is it safe to manually browse to the install path of previous version and let the installer overwrite stuff?

I just need my settings to remain untouched, that's all that matters haha.

I've baked my maps using Knald, for some reason SP doesn't preview the normals correctly, I thought it's using Mikkt?

Toolbag, after setting the mesh to Mikkt:

The normals on the mesh are all set to soft except for the UV boundaries, they are set to hard.

The material layering is quite limited at the moment, is there a chance to add Substance parameters support per material?

For example, I have made this Substance in Designer

But in Painter, using the layered materials, I can't access all of the exposed parameters, I'm stuck at the 'default' state of the Substance on export. So in order to visualize my materials properly, I need to go back to Designer, change parameters to a default state that I like, and export a new sbsar file.

Maybe add a system like the Mask Builder system, where for each material in the shader, you can expand and collapse and find all of the exposed parameters?

Something like the above.. kind of :]

Also, there is a bug where hotkey X doesn't invert the position of the color when working directly on the Opacity layer mask.

I'm an artist, not a programmer... I've tried to modify one of the shaders already, but failed haha.
could someone maybe help me modifying 2 of painter's shaders (metal-rough with alpha blending, and material layering) to use a packed map for metallic, rough, ao, and height?  will then share it on substance share for everyone :]

is this not working with the u4 plugin?

I usually set up my substances with switches to have a really slim and easy setup for the end user, but this doesn't seem to work at all.  I'm on unreal 4.12.5

Hi ya'll, is that possible (title) ?

I've attached images of what I did, but it doesn't work.. duh :P

I want to randomize the value of "Hue" every time I duplicate the node.. because...I'm exploring new ideas after watching the FX map videos by Wes and Vincent and getting more familiar with dynamic functions :]

hi guys, not really sure how to go about achieving this result..

I've tried using tile generator, but can't get the tiling right - uneven gaps between the tiles.
I've also tried FX map with random luminosity but I'm very new to it (just started playing with it yesterday) and I couldn't make it work either haha, I get the same problem with the uneven spacing between the tiles :[

attached an image where the tiling works perfectly but no idea how to add random luminosity if using that method.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Discussions - Publishing Failed
 on: September 21, 2016, 08:04:00 am 
hi all, I'm getting an error message when trying to publish my sbs file, see attachment photos.
also, when I click the publish button, I don't get ticked marks next to "output size" and "random seed" like I usually do - what gives?

hi guys, is it possible to rotate UVs in game engine shaders?  if so, would it be possible to add this functionality to the material layering shader as well?

lets say you are working with wood material, you'd want the grain to flow a certain direction and it's impossible to visualize at the moment.  or maybe for these sort of materials it's best to just stick with the "old" workflow of authoring a unique texture set per asset?

Hi guys.
Here's a study I did recently, to better understand the process of scanning an object and taking it all the way through production pipeline and author it as a game ready prop.  Hope you like!
I shared the workflow I used to equalize the albedo from the raw scan, if anyone know a better / different workflow for de-lighting/removing speculars/equalizing the albedo I'd love to hear!!

Here we go:

I've been using substance painter for quite some time..(prior to 2.x) and I find the new mask editor quite the pain to work with.

The UI is really bad in my opinion. If you open a few sub palettes you quickly get lost in the flood of text and sliders.  It's hard to find the "main" slider of an opened palette for example, these main sliders should have their text in a different color, and also each sub palette should have a more distinct visual divider between each other when opened, or maybe a thin border frame for each sub palette.

I did a quick paint over of what I mean:

Also an extra break line between palettes would help to frame them even more!

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