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Hi there,

Is it possible to have auto-hiding a brush circle, cursos, while painting?
It obscures the effect of painting.



I have found autosave options among plugins.
However, autosave takes me by surprise. I don't see any count down.
I suspect it is in the bottom right corner. Not a best place, as it is covered by beefy texture set window (50+ sets).

60s max. ;/ I'd like to have like 5mins.

I look a reference, want to paint, and autosave hits. With big files, its a huge engagement and flow killer.


Hi there,

I work on multiple assets exposed in a single row.

Baking worked well.
However not only I can't zoom enough, my brush size doesn't go below 0.1.

Is there anything I can do about it?
0.1 is plenty ;/
1.0 would cover the whole asset for the scale comparison.


Hi there,

I search for it and search for it. Simply don't see.

Many smart-materials uses superior Mask Editor generator.
However often times UV mapping is stretched.

Where is uv projection dropdown menu for Mask Editor?

Ah, I am using the latest pre-adobe SP.


Hi there,

Are you able to tell me what I am doing wrong based on this short gif?
Had to reduce resolution cause of this forum limitations.

I want to test bake ID Map from multiple objects exported to a single fbx file.
Using relatively new option: Mesh ID/Polygroup.

The result is always single coloured.

Thanks a lot,

Hi there,

I assumed I will be able to add filters to Instantiated Layers independently of Master-Layer and this way add various adjustments as Master Layer obviously doesn't work perfectly across all the assets using different Texture Sets.

Is it something you have considered?


Hi there,

For the context: I have a scene with multiple assets, each having own Texture Set.

Seems to me, that instantiated layers on children-assets have the order according to time of instantiation.
I would like to could keep the order of layers the same as it is on the master-asset.

What is currently the best current of batch reordering layers or linking order in hierarchical dependencies and how do you foresee that being made in the near future?

While watching the gif, if you are concerned why I am having baked maps as layers. It's irrelevant.


Hi there,

To be honest, I would be surprised if in 2021 SP was still lacking that functionality.
However I couldn't find how to do it fast enough. Therefore this post.

ctrl +/0- alt + right or middle click combination in the viewport on visible object to select it in Texture Set list (Material-Set) would be the way to go imo.


Hi there.


Seems like only toggling instantiated layers toggles them across assets.
If instantiated layer is in a folder. Toggling the folder has no effect on the assets with instantiated layers.

Btw, how do  you de-instantiate layers in the Layer Hierarchy Window?


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Zoom on cursor
 on: June 22, 2021, 09:50:51 am 
Hi there,

Searching on internet for zoom on cursor, I see requests from 7 years now.

Did you manage to add that functionality to SP?

Not just zoom on the last click, but to always zoom on cursor.
It is something people have been using from 10, 15, 20, 25 years now.

It is becoming more relevant as we tend to work more and more often on multiple objects in the SP scene over just painting a single asset.


Hi there,

I have found 2 issues with SP.

Firstly, program have messed up order of Texture Sets.
More importantly, the baker does not remember the choice.

You can see that in the recorded gif.
Witch each rebake, I have to search in the messy list.

Thanks and You're welcomed,

Hi there,

Currently I am doing two major preparation things for my baking.

One is color ID bake and another is splitting mesh into elements which are separate object  within the same fbx container, for both LP and HP.

Good we don't need to explode the mesh anymore, however.. can we made it even better and use Color ID for clean bake and skip whole mesh splitting?


Just spent 2 hours trying to make match by name working.

It keeps baking ao shadows of other objects.
Naming is correct, otherwise wouldn't bake anything. Match by name is chosen.

Any suggestions?
I have tried obj and fbx as well.

Do I need to have HP models in separate files?
No, it doesn't work neither.

I run out of ideas, why i keep having ao shadows of other objects. Im not a newbie. It used to work in the past. Now it apparently doesn't from whatever reason.

... found it... thanks for adding another useless confusing option wasting peoples time

Why it is not switched automatically when choosing "match by name"? Cheez.... srsly people.
Add the same option hidden in another 5 places. Thats the way to go!

Are you serious? Still nothing?

3ds max 2015
Thanks for interest.

Other issue which might be related is that i see new seams on a model in main viewport (but not in unwrap editor), after importing fbx mesh back.
Easy fix for the issue visible on screenshot is to import mesh back and export again.

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