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I was getting seams on my curvature bakes without normal maps (i.e., high res only) and with Enable Seams unchecked.  I was not able to find a solution online. I finally found success when I changed my dilation width from 10 to 16 (for 4K maps).  This eliminated my curvature seams. I am not sure that this is the solution for you, but it worked for me.

Jessica Love O

If you already have Glossiness maps exported, I believe you can use the inverse of those Glossiness maps in the Specular Roughness slot of the aiStandard shader.


It has been a while since the following statement was posted on this issue.

The issue has been aknowledged and reproduced and will be fixed as soon as we have the bandwidth to do so. I would recommend baking without cage for now as this issue only shows up when using one, while we work on fixing this issue...

Have any improvements been made to UDIM cage baking yet?  If not, is there an idea as to when you will have an opportunity to address the issue?


Very sorry for late reply. To color the stiches, you will need to create another texture that contains just the stitch color and has a transparent background. You add this texture to the base color and then the height map to the height channel. The base color channel will then be added with transparency.



This is exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks 😁

I have three graphics cards in my computer.  They are all running "headless" (i.e., not in SLI).  Can I designate which one of these GPUs to use with Substance?

OK.  I appreciate the response.

I hope the UDIM cage bake process will change soon.  The current process makes UDIM baking a bit difficult as I have to break the bakes out as though they were individual objects with UVs in the 0-1 space.

I know UDIM support is new for Substance and I am excited that Allegorithmic is implementing it.

Hi Vincent,

I was thinking a bit about your response...

When I use a single .FBX file which contains my UDIM'd mesh, it bakes just fine without a cage.  In other words, the single .FBX is not unique to each texture set.  It bakes to each respective UDIM appropriately from the single file.

When I use a cage .FBX file with the same mesh, adjusted to be a UDIM'd cage, the bakes fall apart.

I am not sure I agree that it has something to do with the file not being unique to the texture set.

Thanks for the response Vincent.

That is interesting.  How then does one do UDIM bakes with a cage?  I believe there is the option to use only one cage.

It's a good thing I am not relying on this product to meet a deadline.

Any progress from the QA team?  UDIM support doesn't mean much if you can't bake to UDIMs.

Just checking in.  Any progress?

I have attached images of UDIMs 1001, 1002 and 1003 before the normal bake and after.  As well I provided the bake settings I used (very basic settings).  You will note that UDIMs 1002 and 1003 contain information from the UDIM 1001 bake.  It is weird.

Have there been any developments from the QA team on this issue?

Could any of you share your project and meshes through PM?

Hi Jeremie,

I sent you a PM of the meshes I used.  Did you get them?  I had not received any confirmation from you that you got them.

Hi Jeremie,

I sent a PM to you which includes the meshes I used.

I am having this same problem...

When I do a UDIM bake with a low and high poly, but without a cage, all seems fine.  However, when I do the same UDIM bake with a cage (e.g., the low poly pushed out a bit), the bake does not respect the UDIMs. The caged UDIM bake is messy, as though each bake is being multiplied on top of the previous bakes.  In other words, my bake for UDIM 1005 will also have baked info from UDIM 1004, 1003, etc.

Is this a known bug?

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